How can I stream Neil Young Archives in High Res?

I am using an Imac, and also use Roon. I stream Roon to a Raspberry Pi bridge which feeds my Yamaha receiver.

I am thinking of subscribing to the Neil Young Archives. I don’t mind adding a DAC; easily built with a Pi.


–if i use my Imac headphone output to feed the DAC, will that do the trick? Would I use USB?
–how can I get the music into a stereo in another room? Is there a way to stream the NY Archives?
Now, I am using a Hifiberry/Pi Roon endpoint. I wouldn’t mind tweaking if need be. My Yamaha Receiver is DLNA, FWIW.


I’m not sure what your question has to do with Neil Young. I may be mistaken, but it seems to me that your question amounts to “There’s this streaming service that I can access from my iMac, which is not supported by Roon. How do I stream music from that service to my RPi Roon endpoint(s)?”

The answer is “AirPlay”. On your iMac, you can redirect the sound to any (combination of) AirPlay receiver(s) on your local network.

So now, the question becomes, “Does my RPi Roon endpoint speak AirPlay?” If you installed RoPieee XL, then yes it does. That distribution comes with a program called Shairport-Sync, which turns your RPi into an Airport receiver.

(You should be able to see this already in Roon. In addition to its native RAAT protocol, Roon can also stream over AirPlay, so if Shairport-Sync is active on your RPi, you’ll see it as an available AirPlay endpoint in Roon.)

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@Jacques_Distler Many thanks for the reply. My understanding is that AirPlay does not stream at 192/24. With this be different if I stream using ropieeexl?

When Pono debuted, he had all his albums in 24/192 HD for 9 dollars each. Great deal.

Airplay from your computer is limited to 24/96. (From iDevices, it is limited to 16/44.1). If 24/96 is not hi-rez enough for you, then we have other problems.

(Just to clarify, it will automatically downsample your 24/192 stream to 24/96. Personally, I would be incapable of telling the difference.)

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Yes, and I bought some of them (along with a NY “signed” Pono player). Now looking to stream his archives site, which is pretty cool!

If I can stream to my RPi via Ropieeexl at 96/24, I will be a very happy camper. I didn’t know an Imac would do that.

I have the signed “Herbie Hancock” edition. Sitting right next to me in fact. They are great sounding devices, actually.

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The music player that came with your iMac (iTunes) can only stream at 16/44 over AirPlay, but Roon can give you 24/96.

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You might try setting up a situation like some use to get a feed (like a record player) to be distributed by Roon. It involves setting up software which turns it into a “radio station” and then you could add it into Roon as a Radio Station. Not sure what the limitations of this are, but, if you search the “Tinkering” section and look for “icecast” or “darkcast”, you might find some interesting threads.

Thanks all. I’ll check on this stuff.

Just keep in mind, that what I suggested is very “tinker-y” and probably not at all plug and play. But, some find that fun in itself, :smiley:

Sigh. Despite that information appearing multiple places on the 'net, it appears to be incorrect.

I fired up Audio MIDI and both the internal speakers and the pair of USB external speakers that I have on hand can be configured up to 24/96. But the RPi’s running Shairport-Sync are fixed to 16/44.1.

Well that’s a shame. Boo.

Do I recall you had JRiver?

It’s WMD driver can be seen by Roon

Not sure how to do it but it meant to work

Thanks but no. J River way over my pay grade.

Yes, AirPlay is limited to 16/44.1 but I believe that wifi from an iMac can use RAAT (with Roon as the player) to deliver hires to your RPi endpoint. Mine are hard-wired, so I may be wrong about this.

I’ve probably misunderstood what Peter is trying to do, but my interpretation of his question was: how do you play music from a streaming service not supported by Roon (i.e., without an obvious way to use Roon as a player)?

If, by contrast, all he wanted to do was play some high-rez music files, he could just import them into Roon and play them from there.

I assume the same comments would apply to JRiver, etc.

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He’s asking about streaming from

This is an amazing collection of Neil Young material. Much of it can be streamed 24/192 (although there are options to stream at 16/44.1 or 320 mp3). I’m a member and enjoy the site for both its music and historical information. But sadly there is no way for me to integrate the streams into my normal listening setup as one can only stream from the website or via a smartphone app. Yes, I can simply connect my smartphone to my stereo in some manner or even use “stream what you hear” app on my computer to create a stream that I can play on my main system.

Neil always has to be a little different. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@garym May I ask
If/how you get NYA to your stereo in 192:24?