How can I tell Roon Radio to play entire compositions in classical?

I’m a classical purist. I don’t want to hear individual movements (tracks or songs as conventionally known) at random.

This is what Roon Radio seems to do. Once my chosen piece ends, Radio takes over and it starts off in the middle of some composition. Totally out of context and sounds weird.

How can I tell Roon Radio to play entire pieces from beginning to end?



I can’t answer your question but it’s a good one.

Never used Roon Radio so I was curios to see. Same behaviour for me. Roon Radio is filling with parts.

It is a good feature request, an on/off button to keep parts together.

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I can’t believe that this is not built in to the software when they built Valence. For classical fans like me (who moved to roon for its wonderful metadata support) this is really disappointing.

Roon Radio definitely is not designed for the classical listener. I listen to a lot of classical music, and I’ve never ever used this feature. Couldn’t stand an endless string of tracks from the most diverse collection of ‘classical’ albums. For the very same reason I don’t use playlists.


In general though, if I tell Roon to limit itself to my library, it seems to play entire works.


I moved your support request to Feature Suggestions and voted for it. I suggest folks who agree go vote for it as well!

Hi there @Andreas_Philipp1 @Traian_Boldea @NipperDog @Johnny_Ooooops, if you think this sound be useful and abc and haven’t already cited, would you vote for this feature

Thank you.

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Maybe as a Classical purist , Roon Radio is not a good idea. It is relatively easy to turn on and off.

While Roon has improved its Classical offerings , Radio is not one of them , Valence has had plenty of time and content to “learn my ways” but if the algorithm ignores genres then its never going to work .

As far as I see it the Genre “Classical” is as deep as it goes so you play a lovely soothing Piano Piece which then follows on with a Symphony ore an overture. Plus as you say maybe even just a single movement

One eg was Fur Elise followed by Symphony No.5 1st Movement -OUCH

There are many Classical Sub-Genre which I would expect Roon to follow eg Piano Music followed by Piano Music etc

Personally when I listen a classical piece , I like it to finish and savour the “end” - silence !!

Radio serves its purpose for Background Music say Jazz or Rock an with these genres tend to do a lot better than Classical

Just my 2p


For classical Radio has to have more parameters to define. For jazz and rock also but more for classical as the covering area is bigger. I know it is learning and has a starting point in the tracks played but it is not the degree of control that I want so it is not usable yet.

I think the problem here is not so much that radio is not playing complete works but that it cannot maintain a coherent “mood” when playing parts/movements.

Radio lumps together periods ranging from gregorian chant to 12-tone polyphonic and small forces chamber music with large forces orchestral, symphonic and opera. Personally I find it worse than weird. I find it unlistenable.

I would much prefer that roon replicate the common radio broadcast experience and play only parts/movements rather than single works but it needs to pay attention to the “mood” of the initial seed. “Classical” is far too large a category. Mostly I only have 30 mins or maybe an hour or two to listen to the radio. If radio were to play entire works I would maybe only get to lisen to one or two entire works and that doesn’t make any sense to me. I much prefer more variety but roon radio needs to take into account more properties of the initial seed. Even dropping down a single sub-genre from the umbrella Classical genre woulld help alot. For example, if I seed with a chamber piece I expect roon to stick with chamber pieces rather than following up with some gangbusters symphonic piece with a giant crescendo.

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No. I don’t necessarily care if the style/mood is different between works. I do care that it plays complete works.

Yes, I feel your pain. Daily Mixes and Roon Radio are not good with Classical. Something that I pointed out a long time ago…

Not a question, but an observation: Classical Mixes are tricky things.

  • They are almost always “bleeding chunks”, that is single parts of a multi-part composition.
  • Opera tracks very often have no lead-in or lead-out, so the transitions are abrupt.
  • This can also be the case in works such as Strauss’s Alpine Symphony, which is divided into tracks and meant to be played gapless.
  • Abrupt changes of mood (e.g. the Äuf dem Gipel section of the Alpine Symphony immediately followed by a jolly polka by Dvorák).

Good luck.

I suspect the devs have higher priorities to think about…

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Real shame… Because if you’re going to release something that’s touted as revolutionary like Valence, at least support it fully or have a roadmap. Just leaving it half-assed… oh well.

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I do not think that they do not have one. Not a public one as that would make some people feeling let down. Like the mandatory internet connection or ARC vs others requests.
In my view Radio should have all parameters customisable, but then it is a blurry line between radio and just using focus on searches. I have tags, some with over 3 days of tracks, and I can shuffle that so it looks like a radio

In my experience, Roon Radio queues only complete compositions - however for this to work, your metadata has to be correct. In other words, look at the album where those loose movements come from, and check to see if the compositions have been identified in it. Do you mostly use your local files, or streaming services? With your local files, you can use tagging to ensure Roon identifies compositions correctly, however with streaming services you don’t have control, and it’s pretty hit or miss.

Edit - for clarity, when a composition has been identified, the movements show up indented under the composition title, like this:

This works for a local library. But not if you have Qobuz and have Roon Radio turned on. I have a very large library, so I was perfectly happy with it.

I’ve been using Roon Radio only on my local library till recently. I decided to try Qobuz, and hit this problem. To be honest, it negates one of the advantages of having Qobuz and Roon Radio for me.

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Agreed. When you add Qobuz albums to your library, many times Roon identifies the works/movements correctly. Do you know that the radio has a switch to limit it to your local library? It’s on the queue page, on the bottom right. Turning it on may alleviate your problem, but you will need to add Qobuz albums to your library for them to be picked up.

Yes, that’s how I’m getting around it for now.

I really hope this is never implimented for radio. Maybe a configuration toggle of some description so behaviour could be either way.