How can I use my Mac as the core while I'm not at home?

Roon Core Machine

Roon rock on Nuc i5, dual core, 16gb, 2tb local store

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquity mesh → dlink switch → silent agent switch → Roon rock

Connected Audio Devices

Sotm sms200 → Exogal Comet DAC plus

Number of Tracks in Library

10 tracks

Description of Issue

Hi! I want to use Roon in my laptop with some local music while I’m on holidays, but I don’t want to lose all the db info of my rock. I just want to use my Mac as a core and be able to switch back to rock when I’m at home. Can I do that?

Did you know that Roon has a knowledge base?
It offers exactly what you’re asking in this article for you.
Good luck…

I saw that article, but it refers to permanent migration. I’m talking about switching cores in my mac, being able to use my Roon rock when I’m at home and the local core when I’m travelling. I don’t want to migrate my db nor to lose all the data rock has collected.
I missed this feature from the very beginning. From my point of view, Roon is too much coupled to a core, being that entity a single instance. The point here is just use one core at a time, but have the possibility to use more than one cores, or at least a couple. The second could be named as a “secondary” and it doesn’t have all the ai features available it’s ok for me. I just want to use Roon always, even when I just have my laptop.

You’d need a second license for that sort of functionality, but switching cores back and forth shouldn’t be too hard nor dangerous…

I was afraid you were going to say that. All the threads I’ve read point in that direction but I refuse to admit that I can’t use more than one core. The process you mentioned is more like a workaround for me in this case, is not designed for switching cores but for migration. I’ll ask Roon support. Maybe is in the roadmap. Thanks @Marin_Weigel

@connor , any ideas, thoughts…?

…at the same time, yes. But, Roon permits using a different core at another location, or on another device.

When I’m away from home for a few days or so, I turn Roon control on my laptop to core, deauthorise the NUC, and away I go.

Interesting, @Martin_Webster :thinking:
And I assume that when you are back at home again, you can deauthorize laptop’s core and switch back to your neck with no fuss?

Yes, that’s correct. Many Roon users do this. Note that the databases are separate, and if you want them synchronised, you’ll need to take a backup and restore this to the alternate core.

I don’t do this, since anything I discover, and add to my library, is on Qobuz, so these additions will be reflected in both cores.

Smart move. That’s what I was looking for! Thanks @Martin_Webster ++

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If you try to start the second core, and it notices that you are already logged in on 1. It will offer to log you out on the other core. So no worries there.

When you get back, you’ll just log in on your home core again. And your Mac will be automatically logged out.

Not exactly. When you log back into your Roon core at home, Roon will tell you that you are logged in on your laptop and give you the opportunity to deauthorize the laptop core and authorize your NUC core. It’s a simple process and works well.

I’ve also done this with a core in my office and one at home, switching back and forth without issue. As long as having two libraries that aren’t syncing doesn’t bother you (I had an external drive at work and another at home for local tracks and would occasionally update the work drive), this works well. Let us know how you do! Cheers!

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