How do _you_ use the DSP in Roon 1.3?

I’m curious about it’s use? :slight_smile: Tell me!

I use upsampling for compatibility reasons on one endpoint but generally prefer letting my DACs perform re-/upsampling.
I also occasionally use Crossfeed for headphone listening but i often percieve it as softening, a bit like a diffusing filter in Photoshop.
I do not use Convolution or EQ, and Headroom only momentarily when playing some “victims of the loudness war”

Now, tell me about your use of DSP!

You might try starting here to get the basic information.

Right now, I’m just using it for up- or re-sampling. As I’m having professional equipment like Focusrite Rednet with Audinate Dante, it is much easier for me to have an invariable sample rate.
Before that, I used HQPlayer for that.

I would love to use the convolution feature as well, but I’ve been facing problems with my filters like described in this thread.

And of course, I use the crossfeed feature for my headphones.

Thx Daniel, but i’m more interested which tools are actually being used IRL, than what can be done.
The link is familiar though and appreciated.

A bit like my use then, thanks for your inpu @Matty

In my main listening zone I convolve room EQ with -6 dB headroom and send it to HQP for upsampling to DSD 512.

In my bedroom/headphones I upsample in Roon to max PCM and do crossfade.

I also play with the parametric equaliser trying to make a house curve. But I think I prefer it flat.

Edit: Oh alright. I just play with the Parametric EQ because it’s fun …

Currently I only use the “power of 2” for upsampling (almost CD ripped to flac) which leads for my setup then to 352k to feed the TA DAC 8 DSD. Unfortunately my core PC (fanless micro) isn’t powerful enough to do DSD upsampling I’m also interested in to try., but as I mentioned this is IMO already a great result.

What I realized so far: "power of 2 " is significantly better than using max upsampling approach.

If I have enough time I would like to find a more powerful and silent PC for on one hand room correction and on the other hand for DSD upsampling. Sensitive room correction is clear the highest priority!

I’m up sampling (mostly 44.1) to DSD128 and USB’ing into a PS Audio NuWave DAC from a RPi 3 RAAT bridge. At the moment just because I can, not sure on the audible advantage if any. Although, having said that, I am finding payback to be more engaging when up sampled. Placebo?

Using the Crossfeed DSP feature on a RPi 3/HiFiBerry Dac+ Pro/iFi Micro iCAN headphone setup. I like the flexibility compared to the iCAN’s 3 preset settings.

I’m primarily using PEQ to balance my system/room; brightness, bass boom and bass suckout issues. I did it by eye/ear using screenshots (of admittedly old) Dirac measurements, and then tweaking.

It’s nice - and it’s fantastic to make adjustments so easily - but it’s not got me back to my Dirac nirvana. I really should sort out proper convolution but just never have the time to measure and work it all out, and am also not really inclined to get reasonably expensive Windows software and windows setup again just for this purpose (it’s been so long since I booted my Mac into windows that it barely functions, and what I gazed upon reminded me instantly why I moved away from windows). In the short term I shoud at least get a current measurement - if only there were time.

I’ve been experimenting with upsampling but I don’t detect much improvement (my DAC is PCM based with DSD converted back internally anyway). That said I often leave it on max pcm x2, just because I can. :slight_smile:

I had a spate of internet radio just stopping randomly for a week or two which I thought may have been the upsampling, but it’s gone away now so it was probably something else - most likely anything between me and BBC radio servers.

I’m still amazed that you can have one zone in a group with loads of DSP - headroom, EQ, and upsampling - and another just running bit perfect and it all stays rock solid and in sync.

Thanks for your input gents!
I have tried (previously) sorting my reasonably mild bass mode based on meaurements with XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro, but i cant seem to like the results…
I am also slowly trying to grasp the Convolution module which would sort most issues i believe.
And i fully agree! The options are much greater than i expected in 1.3, and stable too!