How do I access a network folder? [resolved]

It was very easy to direct Roon to my QNAP with Roon version 1.2, as you could click “browse” and easily direct to the folder on the QNAP. Now with 1.3, I have no clue how to get this done.

I am running a mac with 10.12.13 installed. When I get to step 4 above, my QNAP is not listed as a source and I’m not sure how to get it there.

Hi @Freehand ----- Thank you for the report, apologies for the troubles. Can you confirm for me that you are able to access the NAS from you computer outside of the application.


Yes. Contacted and rebooted a short time ago.

Hi @Freehand ----- Please try using the “Add Network share” feature in the storage tab.

I have been trying that, but can not figure out the path that will work.

Resolved. It is scanning my database now.

Hi Freehand, what was the resolution so that someone else in a similar situation might get help.

@Freehand ---- Not sure if you have given this a read yet but Our KnowledgeBase highlights the best method for configuring your NAS for Roon.

As it suggests in the article, you can mount using a host name OR you can use the devices IP address via an SMB mount. Can you give me an example of how you are trying to go about mounting the NAS?


the proper path was: smb://ip address/file name
At first I wasn’t adding the file name and then when I did it still didn’t work. Had to add my user id and password and then it connected and started scanning.

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