How do I add a track from an album where i want it in the playlist?


How can I control where I place a track from an album within a playlist? Currently it ends up at the end of the playlist then you need to use the move feature to move it to the proper place? This takes a lot of time. In the Aurender app you can choose to either add to the end or next I don’t see such an option here?

Also how do I add and control a whole album of tracks to the correct place in a playlist?

Well, not sure which interface you are using, but on a PC, if you click on a track it brings up a menu that allows you to ADD NEXT (which adds the song to the queue next) or ADD TO QUEUE (which puts the track at the end of the Queue). You can click multiple tracks and then use the menu feature to ADD NEXT or ADD TO QUEUE. Also, you can right click to add multiple tracks from an album, the order you right click on the tracks will be the order they are added to the queue when you finally choose one of the two options.