How Do I Connect Roon Nucleus to Devialet Phantom Golds without airplay

Thanks, for the update. I gave up(for now) and went a different route with great success. I bought a Mutec MC3 + USB and connected it with my nucleus via USB and are sending the signal to the Phantoms via the optical connection on one Phantom.

Thank you and sorry for unearthing such an old post.

Chromecast Audio are hard to find nowadays but I am reading all CC are just fine.
Would I loose quality if I use one of the CC with Video? Is gapless high-resolution music (up to 96kHz/24-bit) available as well with CC Video?

Nope you will get 48/24 max from a cc video device. You need CCA for hires.

Thank you. I better understand why the prices of the CC Audio are so high now :slight_smile:

Sorry for responding to an old thread. That is exactly the way I wanted to connect Phantoms. I had a Mutec already, but ended up not buying Phantoms at the time. How does it sound? Did you compare with and without the Mutec?

EDIT: silly question I guess. Without the Mutec you wouldn’t easily get sound from Phantoms and Nucleus…

Consider a Raspberry Pi w/ an SPDIF HAT running Roon Bridge. It’s inexpensive and reliable, it works well, and you get RAAT, hi res, gapless, etc.

For what it’s worth, that’s what I was using with my Phantoms until the new OS made AirPlay streaming more reliable. And rumor is that a forthcoming OS release will have native RAAT.

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FWIW I just picked up one of these. I’m not too clear on the provenance, and specifically why the external serial numbers are rubbed off, but it seems to work fine (the device was US configuration, which might have implications for some WiFi channels but works fine for me in the UK).

Hello OGS
I did compare it was a significant improvement from the Topping D10 I used as a test. It goes without saying that Airplay and Bluetooth was no match.

Thanks! The Mutec is a fabulous device, good to know it also does it’s best with optical to Phantoms.

Hi DrAnalyzer, I just started the same topic with a new post.
I have the same setup:

  • Running Roon Core on Nucleus
  • 2 Devialet Phantom in Stereo over Ethernet cable
  • 1 Dialog over Ethernet cable (Currently Toslink to my CD Player)
  • Devialet DOS2 Software
  • Goal is to run High Resolution Audio over Roon with the Phantom Speakers (24Bit and more)

May I summarize your post:

  • Hard to connect Sonore UPnP Bridge
  • Direct Toslink to Phantoms work better than direct Toslink to Dialog
  • Solution: Use Mutec MC3 + USB between Nucleus and Phantom (or Dialog?). USB on Nucleus. Toslink on Phantom (or Dialog?) … hope there is only one Mutec for the whole setup needed…

In one answer to my post, I get the recommendation simply to connect Nucleus via Toslink to Dialog for playing High Resolution Audio.

Maybe I will try this before the Mutec.

Hope that Devialet will enable RAAT on the Phantom too. The Devialet Expert at least is Roon Ready. But this is another story…

I assume the Mutec is working like a converter from USB signal to optical digital signal.
And I understood it is a 100% wired connection between Nucleus over Mutec to the Phantom.

Hello Trompetfish
Yes, its a wired connection. In my case I used the USB A on the Nucleus Wired to the USB B on the Mutec. From the Mutec to the Phantom Gold I connect the SP/DIF (optical).

The Mutec does the conversion in addition to the reclocking, reshaping…


There is no Toslink on my Nucleus so it would not be possible without a converter of some sort.

Meanwhile I found out, that I had the solution already at home: my Marantz CD player.

It has a USB-DAC mode and I connected it via USB to the Nucleus.
Then I switch on the Marantz to USB-DAC mode and connected the optical cable between the Marantz optical out and my Phantom.

And it works perfectly.

If I want to listen to High Resolution Audio, the I choose the USB-DAC Zone in Roon and if I want to listen 16Bit, then I go to my other zone, which „sees“ my Phantom as AirPlay device.

… probably a very unique solution…

I am very happy with my setup. My nuc has Roon Rock. It uses my Metrum Ambre as an endpoint. The Metrum is connected to One of the 2 golds. I use am optical connection. Solid performance. Great sound. You can also use the Elac Discovery in the same manner.

Dos2 no dialog.

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Hi DrAnalyzer, may I ask one more question to the setup with Mutec:
Do control the volume of the Phantom with Devialet App or with the Roon Remote App?

Hello Trompetfish
Sorry for the late reply.
I control the volume via Roon when I listen to music. I set the volume Max on the Devialet Spark app. I also use the volume on the miniDSP.

They are Roon Ready now.

Sort of. They work with Roon in a Roon Ready fashion until they disconnect from Roon. Then the Phantom needs to be restarted to connect again. It can happen several times a day. Devialet seems to be aware of this situation. Some are not affected. My particular situation is pretty bad.
So the RPi box goes back on again and we wait.

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Scott - Just out of interest, how old are your Phantoms? I haven’t had any issues, but I only picked mine up a couple of months ago.