How Do I Connect Roon Nucleus to Devialet Phantom Golds without airplay

I’m eager to hear how this works out. I’ve settled for Airplay because Devialet Dialog is such a hot mess. I wouldn’t have thought of going this way if you hadn’t asked the question.

That will be great!

Thank you, for all the assistance and suggestions.

I have invested in a great Ethernet (LAN) backbone and would really like use it as much as possible. Your test will really help a-lot.

I’ve run into a bit of trouble trying to connect to the Devialet Dialog to the MicroRendu. The UPnP app can’t find the Dialog therefore the UPnP Bridge won’t start and Roon can’t find it. Originally I had a two zone setup but removed one when I read that the UPnP Bridge didn’t support multiple zones. Unfortunately it didn’t help much. @Henry_McLeod was it straight forward connecting the Dialog renderer to the app?

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Hi, I am not an owner. I have successfully connected other UPnP devices to the bridge devices.


Does this help at all? I don’t have the UPnP Bridge yet.

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@Henry_McLeod OK, thanks for the quick reply.
@grossmsj Thanks for the link. Maybe Devialet not supporting DNLA is causing the issue. Bubble UPnP recognises the Dialog and it supports DNLA.

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Have you tried taking the Dialog out of the system? I run my single Phantom with Roon using Airplay. That’s it.
The Dialog was nothing but trouble and added nothing but problems.
I’m very interested in how you solve this because Airplay has it’s limitations.

No, I haven’t. I have had very few problems with the Dialog, maybe a handful of resets needed in five years, that’s all.

After reinstalling the firmware on the MicroRendu it picks up the renderers, but I have trouble playing music. The tracks skips after exactly 45 seconds, steaming from local files, Tidal and Qobus. Anyone experienced the same issue?

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Hi @ragwo, Thanks for the tip about reinstalling the firmware on the microRendu. I can now see the Dialog, but although I can select it and play a track in Roon I am getting no sound. Are you using WAV or LPCM Output Format? Any other setting you can think of that I might have missed?

Using WAV output format and max 192 kHz. 45 seconds of joy, and then it’s suddenly over. My wife think that’s quite normal, but what does she know.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl:. “business time is over…”

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Okay, it helps if you select the zone for the correct Squeezebox device. Had never noticed that my DigiOneSig also presents a Squeezebox output as I had never enabled Squeezebox in Roon before. Doh! :woozy_face:

Now in the same place as you @ragwo. Anyway, thanks to you and @Henry_McLeod for helping me get this far! Those 45 seconds sound pretty damn good! Now to figure out if there are any buffer parameters hidden somewhere the tweaking of which might get us more than 45 seconds of ecstasy…

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Has anyone figured out if we can get a lifetime of ecstasy instead of 45 seconds of joy from the MicroRendu?

You may have followed this thread: SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta) If not, at the end of the thread (around post 460) is the answer you’re looking for…

You can’t. Devialet’s UPnP implementation isn’t stellar.
You can buy a Roon Ready endpoint with toslink output, buy a toslink splitter and enable the low latency mode of the speakers. Then you’ll bypass everything except the toslink input. There’s a lot of info on

Thank you, ragwo for al the time and effort, it’s really appreciated.

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Could this be a solution to the problem? The UPnP volume extension could get rid of Spark if I have interpreted it right. Good to know that the COO of Roon uses Devialet Phantom at home and in his office, brings hope for further development.

I’d be very eager to go after a better way to integrate Devialet Phantom with Roon, especially to get better sound. I understand Devialet is coming out with a new OS, and maybe that will make it easier. But with all things Devialet, what they say, and what actually happens are two very different matters.

Update: I upgraded to DOS 2 and retested with the SonoreUPnP Bridge (see other thread). Now getting about 2 minutes of ecstasy, progress at least!

So you were pretty much spot on @grossmsj, DOS 2 is definitely a step forwards on multiple fronts, but as far as streaming hi res material from Roon to Phantoms without a physical connection we’re still not quite there yet…

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