SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

“Roonify” your DLNA/UPNP devices. The SonoreUPnP Bridge allows you to use Roon or Roon / Tidal to stream to DLNA/UPNP devices.


  • Gapless playback with Roon Server
  • Selectable final stream types - LPCM or WAV
  • Selectable maximum stream sample rate
  • File Formats - typical file formats supported by the server
  • Transmission from server to Sonicorbiter is Squeezebox protocol
  • Transmission from Sonicorbiter to DLNA/UPNP device is UPNP protocol
  • PCM Sample Rates with Roon Server - up to 192kHz PCM
  • DSD Sample Rates with Roon Server - DSD64 via DoP, DSD128 converted to PCM

Device (status, stream format) *special notes

  • Sonore Rendu (confirmed, WAV)
  • Sonore Signature Series Rendu (confirmed, WAV)
  • Empirical Audio Interchange (confirmed, WAV)
  • MSB DACs with the DLNA/UPNP network input module (confirmed, WAV)
  • Bel Canto DLNA/UPNP capable devices (confirmed, WAV)
  • DartZiel DLNA/UPNP capable devices (confirmed, WAV)
  • XBOX One (confirmed, WAV)
  • Linn (confirmed, WAV)
  • Simaudio Moon (confirmed, WAV)
  • Weiss legacy DLNA/UPNP capable devices (confirmed, WAV)
  • Naim DLNA/UPNP capable devices (confirmed, LPCM)
  • Melco DLNA/UPNP capable devices (confirmed, WAV)
  • Trinnov DLNA/UPNP capable devices (confirmed, WAV)
  • 4th generation Apple TV with 8Player app (confirmed, WAV)
  • Auralic Aries Mini (confirmed, WAV)
  • Hegel H360 (confirmed, WAV)
  • Moon Mind 180 (confirmed, LPCM)
  • Olive DLNA/UPNP capable devices (plausible)
  • PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MKI with Bridge 1 (plausible)
  • PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MKll with Bridge 1 (plausible)
  • Cambridge Audio DLNA/UPNP capable devices (plausible)
  • Weiss 501/502 (plausible)
  • DLNA/UPNP capable receivers and processors (plausible)
  • Sonos Connect (busted)
  • Oppo (busted)
  • Arcam (busted)


  • Connect your server, Sonicorbiter, and your DLNA/UPNP capable device to your network

    For Roon Server
  • Disable any Logitech Media Servers on your network
  • From Sonicorbiter go to Apps / Software Manager update your unit and install the application
  • From Sonicorbiter go to Settings / SonoreUPnP Bridge, configure the application, and press Save
  • From Roon go to Settings / Setup and Enable Squeezebox Support
  • From Roon go to Settings / Audio Setup and Enable the SonoreUPnP Bridge under Networked

Multi-zone syncronization has not been incorporated
The DLNA/UPNP device needs to support LPCM or WAV streaming
LMS requires a renderer that supports SetNextAvTransportURI

The SonoreUPNP Bridge application is available on the following hardware:
Sonicorbiter SE, microRendu, microJukebox, and sonicTransporter series

Copyright © Simple Design, LLC

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE


dCS Rossini DAC/streamer.
Almost Roonready, but I like your idea!

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It could work. The current version will need some additional code to support it, but it’s on the to do list. However, if they add support for RoonReady that is what you would use.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

@Jesus_Rodriguez would this require one Sonic Orbiter per UPnP device or could one Sonic Orbiter proxy for multiple UPnP devices?

Would love to see support for the MOON MiND streamers and DACs. Current generation Naim streamers (Uniti, ND5XS, NDS, etc) would be nice too. If you need someone to do some testing I have all of them here :slight_smile:

Do you know if the Moon gear is based on upmpdci / MPD?

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

As far as I know they are not. Both Moon and Naim are using a variant of the Stream 700 card but I’m not sure which specific UPnP variant they’re using. The Stream 800 card is using rygel so I asssume the 700 is using the same.

I have a buddy that works with Rygel and I’ll ask him what kind of stream it expects.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

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I just added 3 devices to the short list above.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

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What about the plethora of receivers, pre-amps out there, like Marantz, Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer. They almost all are DLNA/UPNP devices. Opening up these devices would increase the reach of roon considerably.

I am not a tech guy, so forgive me if this is not possible.

What would be the benefit? You could connect the Sonicorbiter to your amp without using DLNA.

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In that case almost all mentioned options fall into this category.

It depends if youre receiver pre-amp has an usb dac input, mine doesn’t have one. The digital out option is also unusable for DSD if I am correct.

As I understand the above it would enable my SR7010 as an endpoint.

Would be nice to have roon play DSD through a sonicorbiter into eg a SR7010.

Indeed. I would say they are “plausible” until testing shows otherwise.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

The intent is to support DLNA/UPNP devices that are not supported directly by Roon / RoonReady. No issue if you have a way to make a direct connection.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

The question is can your SR7010 support DSD/DoP via its DLNA/UPNP input?

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

I think it does. I played around with asset UPNP and when setting dsf file “as single” the SR7010 plays DSD files. I am not sure what “as single” means though.

Right now we receive DSD as DoP from Roon and simply pass it along as is DoP.

Hello Jesus!

Will this be available for SoTM sMS-100 streamer that is based in Sonic Orbiter software?

It should work, but so should the SqueezeLite output mode.

Thanks for this. Very excited to link the AriesMini. Possibility also to connect my Cambridge Audio NP-30 upnp to my SonicTransporter AP under Roon?

It’s worth a try. I’ll add it to the list.