How do I delete a Playlist in My Stuff?

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Windows 10 laptop

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Naim Uniti Atom Ethernet

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How do I delete a Playlist in My Stuff?

If its playlist made at Tidal/Qobuz, you need to delete playlist with those services own app.

No, they are playlists created in Itunes. The problem is that Roon lists several iterations of the playlists, e.g. Classics has 4 different listings, though in Itunes there is only one.

In Roon go to Playlists and right click on the playlist you want to remove. When you right click on the playlist it should now be highlighted and in the top right hand corner of Roon there should now be a delete button.

Hopefully this helps, Cheers!

When I tried to do that, I got a message saying ‘Failed to delete’!

Sorry, I tried. You may need someone who has playlists in iTunes to help.

You could try the force rescan option in Settings → Storage.

Importing playlists (

Thank you.

Hey @David_S,

I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you - it is taking us longer than we had hoped to reply. A big thank you for your extensive patience.

Thanks @TheRiz and @anon1796887 for chiming in with great suggestions. Did the last step mentioned by @TheRiz help at all?

Nothing has worked so far. When I right click, I don’t get the delete option.

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