How do I edit or change classical composers

I suspect the Innuos has picked up the wrong composer and the album is not identified by Roon and uses the dodgy metadata

Sounds likely

A live recording of BWV 83 was released on an early Cantata Pilgrimage CD on DG (Archiv Produktion 463585) so was not repeated in the SDG series. Some of the older (pre-pilgrimage) cantata recordings on DG were re-recorded live on SDG.

Ok that’s the one I can find , but the impression is that it was on the “implicated” later SDG recordings

Let’s see what the answer is to the last few questions.

When the Gardiner SDG series was eventually issued as an integrated box-set, it included 4 early CDs from the Pilgrimage released initially on DG. So I suppose, depending on the source and how the set was tagged and incorporated into Roon, this cantata could still show up as part of the SDG series.

I had this same problem with Bach. I have about 40 recordings of Bach and many of them showed as Johann Michael Bach. I found that the issue was with the metadata I made in the past for other libraries. I used to tag JSB as “Bach” without the full name. If I have metadata that uses this, Roon would change to JMB. I used a 3rd party metadata program “Mp3Tag” to change all the metadata fields to the full name and that fixed it for most of them.

You should take a look at the metadata with a third party program and see if its just Bach or JSB and try changing it there.