How do I export a list of albums to Excel?


I’ve found how I can list the details of one album and its tracks to Excel. But how do I export a list of all artists and album names to Excel?

Also, there seems to be a bug with the export to Excel function. When trying to open an exported file, Excel reports the format isn’t right. But Excel can open the file.

Best regards, Lloyd Borrett.

One way to get all artists and their albums is to go to the Track browser. Make sure that you are displaying headers for the Album artist, (track) artist and Album, then select all tracks and export to Excel. You can filter the resulting spreadsheet by track artist, album artist and album…

The answer to your second observation came up a few hours ago in another thread:

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Just how do I do that step. I can’t find a way running Roon on a PC.

There’s a menu option to “Select All” (look at the last part of this FAQ). Also, the behaviour of the Track and Album browsers is the same as the Windows File Explorer - that is, you can use Shift-click to define ranges, Ctrl-A will select All items, or Ctrl-Click will toggle selection of a single item.

On my Tracks page there was no Select All, or any selection option until after I’d done a Ctrl-A.
Thanks for the assist again Geoff.

Yes, you have to select at least one item (track or album) to get the menu bar appear at the top of the browser… Try it…

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Yes, you have to select at least one item (track or album) to get the menu bar appear at the top of the browser… Try it…[/quote]

I worked that out eventually. Not exactly an intuitive interface.

Think of it as a “right-click” menu as in Windows; it’s topologically the same thing - just presented differently…

Actually exporting tracks to Excel and then de-duplicating the list doesn’t give me an accurate list of albums.

For example, I have all of the albums by The Beatles in both the original and remastered forms. But the tracks lists treats both albums as just one list of tracks.

What I’m after is a true list of each album sorted by the artist and then the album. Even better, showing the number of CDs per album.

Is the ability to do this hidden somewhere, or simply not available in Roon right now?

Also, I’ll take such a list any way I can get it. A text file would be fine.