How do I get Roon to prefer local metadata for entire library

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OK I see the distinction here… just wish roon brought them over as is and then give the option to have them matched with the roon database later and individually. Really not up to editing hundreds of albums that I already edited.
[/quote]you can tell Roon to prefer and use your metadata for your entire library.

How do I do it now?
BTW I use watched folders so what happened to my Sooloos files?
And I thoroughly agree a getting started guide is a great suggestion…

I too agree that a getting started guide should be produced, this is Roon’s current stance
Is there an FAQ? Is there a manual?

This might help you with your metadata preference question:

I don’t get it. Can someone lay this out for this newbie? I hit the three lines in the upper left of screen. Select albums. I see play all, but no select all. Thanks.

Select one album with long press on an iPad (right click with a mouse, I think). You can select more individual albums.

“1 selected” appears in the upper left; click on that, and you see Select All and Select None.

Thank you. Recently purchased a sonic-transporter & have followed you postings re same.

Thanks for the post. It explains how to select all on iphone and ipad(s), but it doesn’t explain how to “edit” all on an iphone. The “edit” button doesn’t appear in an iphone, only the “x” (circled). Any idea how to set it for all on an iphone 6S?

Editing functionality is only on the “full” interface for the moment – iPad, larger Android tablets, Windows, and macOS.

Roger That Mike. Is there any chance this might become a “global setting”? I ask (pretty please) because it appears I have to redo these steps every time I go and add new albums to my system – it becomes a pain in the rear to go to every device and make this change. I have 4 iPads, 2 macbooks, and several other workstations.

In case you ask, “what’s wrong with Roon’s tagging?” (FYE) I’ll briefly explain. I keep my collection simple with just 11 (yes you read right Eleven!) Genres:

  1. Rock
  2. Compilation
  3. Christmas
  4. Classical
  5. Electronic
  6. Jazz
  7. Popular
  8. Rap
  9. Reggae
  10. Compilation
  11. Soundtrack

That’s all I need. I don’t like a list of 40 Genres for my music; I personally Tagg’ed every one of my songs meticulously using Tag & Rename. I appreciate all the extras Roon adds, which is why I’m a lifetime subscriber. I just want to better control the settings of my Genre’s in a Global Configuration where the value is retrieved from every file.

Honestly, this would be my #1 on improvements/requirements for Roon.

I may have hijacked this thread, so if you would prefer me to put this somewhere else on the site please let me know.

Thanks again Mike. Roon Rules!


Yes, a lot of options in this area are coming in 1.3. Are you looking for just Genres, or other fields too?

I’d be 75% happy with just Genres. The remaining 25% would be split between Title and Artist/AlbumArtist. Everything else that Roon does on it’s own is great.

Thanks again,