How do I get Roon to work with Dragonfly (dac) on my iphone?

It doesn’t seem to “see” the Dragonfly DAC on the iPhone. It does find Roon I have running on a computer in the other room, it just doesn’t see the Dragonfly hooked into my iphone, thus it plays music the the HDMI port in the other room. Confused.

I’m seeing that it can’t be done. Apparently it’s only a “remote control.” Ugh. Why? When?

It is for iPad, but I think the same is true for iPhone.

As to why, you may want to read @brian’s explanation [here] (

Thanks for an explanation, being out here in la, la, land with no info whatsoever, just knowing something you’d like to work does’t work. Obviously it’s a little more complex than it seems.