How do I get Tidal albums out of my own albums? [Solved with TIDAL Library Refresh]

When I log into Tidal, the Albums window shows a bunch (35 to be exact) of Tidal albums. I don’t know how these were chosen and why they appear. How do I make them disappear?

Here’s a screenshot, where the Tidal albums are identified as new and with the Tidal log in the upper left corner:

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When you say " my own albums" do you mean your locally stored albums or your title favorite albums?

I would use Focus to filter out Tidal albums and then create a bookmark for the view that you want.

Locally stored (from ripped CDs and from downloads).

I also have just resorted to disabling Tidal to make them go away sometimes, too.

But the bookmarks work pretty well after focusing on locally stored or whatever you choose.

In this case you can filter by “Tidal” under “Format” then reverse the filter by clicking on the filter tag. It will look like this:

Hi James,

Sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs …

In Roon, have you tried selecting all those unwanted albums, selecting edit and then delete?

Might also be worth checking on the Tidal app or their website that you don’t have these albums favourited.


Under Tidal in Roon, these were listed as Favorites. But I couldn’t delete them at that point. I went back to all Albums, selected (right-clicked) as the Tidal ones and deleted.


But the albums still show up in the Favorites window in Tidal in Roon. But I don’t mind them there, although I’ve no idea how Tidal decided they are my favorites.

Interesting. I had added some TIDAL collections to my library (as a test), so the albums showed up in my library, and in TIDAL Favorites in Roon. I’ve deleted the albums from my collection, but as you say, they are still there in TIDAL Favorites.

If I use the TIDAL app, then indeed those albums are still in my collection, so they’ve been removed from Roon, but not un-favorited (deleted) from my TIDAL collection.

Not sure whether this is a bug or a feature…

Hmmm, just imported 33 TIDAL albums for a quick experiment. Then, I selected all of them, tried to Delete Album(s), but it did not work. Albums were still in my library.

I tried deleting just one album, and that worked. So maybe the issue is with my bulk delete attempt.

Did you sync with your TIDAL account after performing the deletions? Roon syncs periodically, but not immediately.

Hello All,

Just want to check in with you here @James_Antognini, have you been able to get rid of the albums appearing in the Favorites window with Joel’s suggestion (a resync of your TIDAL account) after performing the deletions? You can resync your TIDAL account in the following ways:

Method #1: Settings -> Services -> Edit TIDAL -> Sync Library Now

Method #2: Navigate to the TIDAL tab from the sidebar, Click the refresh button near the top

Please let me know if this solves the issue at hand or confirm if we need to take a closer look at this. Appreciate your feedback!


There are no Favorites in Tidal in Roon at this point. Thanks for following up.

Great to hear @James_Antognini, if there is anything else we can assist with, please just let us know.
Otherwise, hope you have a great day!


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