How do I get to main Tags page?

Tags are a big deal for me. With a moderately big collection (100000 tracks and rising), and being a bit “mission-critical” about my listening, I use them all the time for organising.

So my question is, how do I get to the page below? The only way I can do it is:

  • focus on albums with the Tag I want
  • open an album detail page
  • click on the Tag to open the main Tag page.

Isn’t there a direct way? If so I can’t see one. @mike please enlighten me!

Can’t it be bookmarked?

Confession: I thought we didn’t need a tag browser a long time ago, hoping to minimize clutter on the sidebar. @danny disagreed but we did it my way, and I’ve since come to believe I was (probably) wrong. :cry:

I’ve been thinking about some really cool ways to flesh out our tag functionality (partially based on feedback from @AndersVinberg in this thread) but for now I think @evand is right – since there’s no browser, you’ll need to make a bookmark if you want to navigate directly to a tag.

@Ludwig There is a more direct way: click on the tag button, the tag list comes up, not really convenient to browse in but it has local search.

Bookmarks of course work, but it’s an illusion that it is more convenient; if you have a similar number, the bookmark dialog is even more primitive than the tag dialog, doesn’t even have search. We think it works better because we have few.

So, yes, @mike, let’s explore.

On a more philosophical note, @Ludwig, your approach of starting with an album that has the tag you are interested in is so pre-Roon. It requires that you have the database in your head. That’s the prevailing model: any system can find stuff if you know what you want, my phone and car can do that, Roon frees us from that and enables serendipitous discovery. Whenever I find myself having to navigate the database in my head, I view that as an opportunity to improve (Roon, not me).

I’m familiar with bookmarking.

Bad, @mike, bad! No more bourbon for you! @danny was right this time!

A Tag browser could be very nicely done, graphically a bit like Discover (but in clear “areas” for each tag). And you should be able to easily burrow down into a page only for that tag. The screen shot above is definitely not the best way, as I’m sure you’d agree.

I would certainly use it. And it’s a bit illogical to have a global page like the one in my OP which you can’t get to except through several back doors.

I believe you’re referring to from within one of the browsers in the section “Collection” - Albums, Tracks, Artists, Composers. This is the first step I listed above, but it only shows you the Tagged items of that category, and doesn’t get you to the global tag page in the screenshot. There is no direct route to that, which is my complaint.

Ah. Didn’t think of that. Haven’t used tagging for anything other than albums, but that is maintenance heavy, just beginning to look at artists.

You’re right, @Ludwig
@Mike, let’s get on it!

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