How do I open Roon dmg on MAC OS Sierra? [resolved]


I have downloaded the ‘dmg’ file from the site [the server/client bundle package]
Opened it, it shows a disc icon on the top right of the screen and nothing happens.

I verified I didn’t downloaded the server, so i don’t understand what to do now.

Please assist.


Any comment, kind of stuck here …

@Itzik_Ben-Basat can you tell me what you downloaded Roon or RoonServer, because RoonServer runs in the background?


Thanks @Ratbert
I’ve downloaded roon, not roon server.
The dmg file is 47.8MB.

I opened it and it just show a disk icon on the right top corner, but doesnt start or anything.,.

Did you double-click that disk icon as well? That should show the actual DMG content window with the Roon app. You drag that on the Applications folder and then start it from there.

Sounds like you downloaded roonserver. It will have a drop down just with an option to run at startup.

Perhaps the download link is wrong?

Does it look like the left hand icon here?


Thanks !

I’m kind of new to mac :slight_smile: