How do I play local files in Roon?

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Windows 10, Intel i7, 32 GB RAM

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I have lots of songs on my hard-disk in various formats (AIFF, FLAC, WAV, MP3). How do I play these files in Roon? To be clear: I wish to play the actual file that is on my hard disk. That is: I wish to be able to click on a file in Windows Explorer and have it play in Roon. I do not wish to play that song from Tidal, etc, Detailed instructions will be appreciated.

You need to point Roon to your local library storage location in settings.
It will import and analyze all your music.
Then you just select your music from within Roon.
It will play your local file option if that is what you chose

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You will not be able to click on a file in Explorer and have it play in Roon. It does not work that way. You have to add the path that the files are stored on in Roon and then Roon will see your library and from there you can select the album you wish to play from your library and it will play.

To add the music into Roon you have to go into Settings and then into Storage. It is there you will add the path to your music. You say you have 100K tracks. Be aware that if you add them all at the same time Roon will spend a lot of time adding them so go slow.

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Your Roon Core must be able to access these files one way or another; and that’s NOT through Windows Explorer. Those two can’t talk to each other.

So, the way to do it is either: a) put all those files in a directory, and add it as a watched folder under (Roon) Settings → Folder, “Add Folder” (you need to share that folder on your PC, then add the path to that shared folder); or b) install a mediaserver of some kind, like MinimServer, and again add the published media server path (likely: \\PC-ipaddress\music) to the watched folders in Roon.

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I assume the disk is connected to you windows pc as you have not said any different.
In windows share the drive
Go to Roon >settings >storage>Add folder
Type the pathname of the disk/folder

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Like the others have said once you have pointed Roon to your music storage, it will index and analyze your music.

What I have done to play only my local music is I used “Focus” to isolate just the music stored locally (by storage location) on my ROON core and then made a bookmark in Roon to easily filter to just see and play the local music.

I also made one that is just Tidal music that is in my library and several other bookmarks for favorites and the like.


Thanks. I did not realise I can use ‘Focus’ to filter down to my storage locations.

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If you look at the badges on your library album artwork that also tells you if it’s local, Qobuz or Tidal too.
For example in my screenshot, you can see very first album has no badge so it’s a local file , then next has Qobuz badge and next has a Tidal badge.
Quick and easy for myself :wink:.


True, it’s just that I’ve spent a small fortune in converting my near&dear music to 24-bit AIFF format… and would love to hear what I’ve paid for, and not it’s streamed/TIDAL version :slight_smile:

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Totally understand and I don’t blame you at all!

Hope you now have it figured out and can enjoy your local music!

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Focus truly is your best friend when it comes to library browsing.
Save several basic searches so you can add to them, it a great feature

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