How do I search for artists and albums in Roon?

here’s an example of my Roon search problems.

I search for Bob Roubian. The Top result is Here comes the train by Cliffie Stone’s Orchestra with Bob Roubian. There’s only text on top of the page with nothing in the discography. I look at the artists listed, there’s over 100 Bobs and it includes Iggy Pop and Tim Commerford but no mention of Bob Roubian.
I look at the album search results and there’s Bob Dylan albums and a few Bob Marley and other Bobs but no Bob Roubian.
In the track search there’s a similar mixture of Bobs. Finally I remember thinking that there’s a Bob Roubian track on a Twisted Tales From the Vinyl Wastelands compilation.
I look through the 13 volumes of Twisted Tales…, interspersed with albums by unrelated artists such as Cheap Trick, Joni Mitchel and The Vaselines and after much time and searching find Cracker Stacker by Bob Roubian on Twisted Tales… Volume two track 25.
Oh Why Oh Why does this take so long and why can’t I find the track by searching for Bob Roubian, does anybody know?


I have come to the conclusion that the Roon search tool has very low performance. Its results are hit-and-miss.

I often search for a track by name, and it just won’t find it.

Let’s hope that at some point the developers will focus on this improvement opportunity.

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Very finicky. :man_facepalming:
Screenshot 2021-09-14 101632
Screenshot 2021-09-14 101653

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Hello everyone :wave:

Thanks for taking a moment to share your experience with the search function. We’re not only sorry about the trouble, but we’re also actively working on improving this.

Examples are consolidated in this thread. Would you mind adding yours there? It’d help our team a lot :pray: