How do I set up Roon Core on an external SSD?

Hi. I am fairly new to Roon and to most things computer except banging out a text document on my MacBook Pro. Though, baby steps, I have managed to network most of my entertainment needs. So, what I have is the Roon core on my Synology DS916+ NAS, which also has a very small but ever increasing library of 10,000 songs. Though it performs fine mostly, I find, simplistically put, dsf files stuttering at times as well as playing at lower volume than the flac ones. Which, of course, reminded me of this one line I had read in Roon advice for NAS; that the core can still be set up on an external SSD. Which is where I need help:

  1. Which core platform can be installed here. The reason I ask is because it has no OS. Also have no idea if any OS can be installed on an external SSD. Do help.

  2. Which external SSD would you recommend? I imagine it should be 128gb?

  3. On network, Roon catches my Oppo UDP-205, which is also how I got introduced to Roon. Hopefully, this SSD setup will not intervene in this flow?

  4. Once set up on an SSD, will I be able to migrate my current database, or will it have to be a complete new haul?

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

In this case, especially CPU efficiency and amount of operating memory is very crucial - not mass storage (SSD) efficiency.
So - I’m not sure, if set up Roon core on an external SSD will help.
Unless - this Synology RAID is extremely slow?

I think the memory is sufficient as it has an 8gb stick. It is a quad core Intel Pentium 3710 processor, which also I think might be sufficient for my small library. I think as stated, for the core, spinning disks might be a problem. Also, playing dsf files, which might still stay an issue despite the core planted in an SSD.

Are you sure, that memory is a “Memory Stick” - not a usual 8 GB RAM in proper ram slot?
Because if it is really a Stick - that will not work.

If memory is OK - try this.
When DSP is used to process DSD files, enable the use of multiple CPU cores - in DSP Engine configuration panel - from Roon controll.

DSP Engine -> Sample rate conversion -> Parallelize Sigma-Delta Modulator

It is 8gb in its proper slot.

I will do that. Thank you.

Hi. Under DSP Engine=>Sample Rate Conversion, there’s no head Parallelize Sigma-Delta Modulator. Pic Below:

This is correct. You need to be doing sample rate conversion for Parallelize Sigma-Delta Modulator option to show. Hence, in your case unnecessary unless you want to down-sample your DSD files which might help the stuttering. As for volume, DSDs usually play at a lower volume, if you enable “Volume Leveling” under Zone Settings this might help normalize the volume.

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A the firs you have to set “Sample rate confersion” not “For compatibility only” but “Custom”

And then you can tell to the Roon how to convert every sample, and setup Sigma-Delta Paralellization:

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Hi. So I did exactly as you and the gentleman above said. I still cannot see the PS-D Modulator. Just yesterday evening, I shifted my Roon Core to a Samsung T5 250gb external SSD. Let’s see if this helps and I am not forced to downsample my dsf files. However, its strange that I do not get the PS-DM function despite making a ‘Custom’ selection for SRC.

My MacOS works perfectly as an Audiozone, but Windows 10 on Bootcamp does not play Roon at all. I have a feeling this time I am punching way above my weight and have invested in technology I do not understand. Since already paid for a year. Let me see if my situation improves. Thanks for all your help. I am sure I’ll be needing it a lot more for Roon in the future till my subscription ends.

No one has mentioned Anti Virus

For example I am Win 10 using built in defender

I keep my Media drives excluded from the checked drives . If not any file coming back from the hdd is virus checked and Slowed Down in the process.

My core pc is checked so anything stored is clean (hopefully) just a thought

Mine are integral hdd on the core pc but I assume a NAS will behave similarly

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I’ll definitely shut down defender, and try and play Roon. If it , you set my boat sailing mate. Thank you.