How do I transfer files from USB drive to internal storage in Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus. Just received it a week ago.

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

External SSD USB drive
MacBook Pro

Number of Tracks in Library

150 CDs so far, 100 in internal drive, 40 in USB drive. the rest were CD rips

Description of Issue

Can’t transfer from external drive to internal storage. At one point only 1 song from each cd was imported into the internal drive. I’ve manually deleted the incomplete files. I’ve tried two different drives awa drag from the computer to the Roon interface. Nothing. Also, in library maintenance, there’s a reference to “instruct Roon to forget about files”- how does one go about that, as at times, the import does not happen because “the file already exists”. This is a hot mess…,ve%20configured%20on%20your%20Core.

Hi Salvador, You can transfer your music files to a separate drive that you or Roon installed in the Nucleus itself or one that is connected directly to a Nucleus port or via wifi. But you cannot transfer files to the Nucleus drive that contains your Roon Core OS.

If you have a separate drive installed in your Nucleus you can follow these steps to transfer your files…

Nucleus Internal Storage

I’m that far along and up until two days ago was able to transfer from SSD to internal. Now I can’t.

Is the ADATA an external USB Drive ?

Your Nucleus internal Drive looks OK , but only a very files .

I imported 3Tb into my NUC/ROCK by Copy and Paste from another computer on the same network. It may be that the ADATA if USB is not connecting properly ?

Hi Salvador, Unfortunately, I do not have an answer for you concerning your issue. It appears that the Nucleus thinks the “drive” is not available when in fact it’s indicating you have a drive with 1453 tracks transferred to it. Not sure if it is a formatting issue or what gives here.

I would wait for @support to chime in on the first of the week. Good luck with getting it resolved.

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Hey @Salvador_Ortega,

Ben here with the support team, welcome to the community! We’re excited to have you here, and I’m sorry to hear you’re running into permission issues with your external drive and nucleus.

Since a few days have passed I wanted to check and see if you’re still running into issues? If so, can you test to see if similar issues happen when connecting the drive to your MBP or another computer? That way, you can adjust permission settings on the external drive.

Both @jb76 and @Jim_F have shared helpful links in regards to setting up additional storage methods. Let me know if any of the above is helpful!

We’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

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Not a Roon problem but a Mac OS problem as using an ancient Windows laptop, the transfers from USB attached external drive to Nucleus internal drive have gone w/o a glitch. I still use the MacBook Pro to burn the CDs to the exteral EXFAT drive and then use JPEGs to finish the edits on those CDs that need it.

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