How do you make an already owned DAC into a network-connected DAC

@Carl How do you make an already owned DAC into a network-connected DAC?


Hi @Kayo,

You need a network bridge that is compatible with Roon.

The bridge connects to the LAN via ethernet and also to the DAC, typically via USB but SPDIF is supported by some devices.

A bridge that is RoonReady / supports RAAT would be ideal … though some use a Logitech Transporter which Roon also supports.

A Raspberry Pi, running say DietPi and RoonBridge is probably the most economically option but does require a little hands on to load the software and configure.

Alternatively have a look at the Sonore options such as the MicroRendu.

There’s lots of discussion on both DIY and commercial devices here in the forum.

The easiest way is to connect the machine where Roon Core is located to your DAC. That is if your set up / location allows.

If not, my recommendation is for Sonore microRendu (best), or Sonore Sonicorbiter (good).

These two devices are called endpoint / network players and need to be hardwired to internet.

That’s of course is a direct connected DAC not network connected DAC. It works but many prefer the electrical, RFI and mechanical isolation provided by utilising a quality network bridge.

Agreed. However, paired with the new galvanically isolated ISO Regen, or the upcoming iFi iGalvanic3.0, it should work fine, and save the money on an Ethernet connected endpoint (such as the microRendu and so on).

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Try to connect the Roon Core equipment to your DAC.