How do you replace External USB SSD Drive used for Roon Server database on Synology NAS

Roon Core Machine

Synology NAS DS3612xs CPU 3.1Ghz Intel Core i3-2100. SYNOLOGY Diskstation version 6.2.4-25556 Update 5. ROON on NAS version RoonServer_Synology_x86_64_2021-03-08 (1)
Roon V 1.8 (build 913) stable (64 bit)
Tablet iPhone Roon V 1.8 (build 913) stable.
Using Sandisk USB SSD 500gb for Roon Server db

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I’m using Roon via iPad or also iPhone to Synology NAS Core server connected to the Auralic Aries G1 via Ethernet then via USB to the Chord Qutest DAC. My Router is a Netgear D8500 fibre router

Connected Audio Devices

Auralic Aries G1 via USB into Chord Qutest DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

10000 plus tracks

Description of Issue

I think I have a suspect Sandisk USB SSD drive which hosts my RAATServer, Roon Goer, RoonServer data.
The problem I find when using my remote is that Roon is unable to find Roon Core.
I have disconnected and then reconnected my Sandisk from my Synlogy NAS which resolves the problem for a short while but the problem re-occurs.
I have disconnected and repaired the SSD USB Sandisk drive which has also temporarily resolved the problem, but it fails regularly.
I have bought a replacement USB SSD drive which I am planning to replace the suspect SSD.
How simple is it to swap out the faulty USB SSD with the replacement USB SSD?
Checking on RoononNAS I need to make sure my replacement USB SSD is ExFAT format, but once I have done that, would copying the existing files over to the new drive work?
Or will I need to create a new CORE?

If you have proper backup creating a new core assigned to that SSD and restore the current database is probably the optimal way to do it.

Thank you.
I formatted the new USB SSD to ExFAT and copied across the folders from the old USB SSD on my windows PC.
Then I stopped ROON app on the NAS, then inserted the replacement Sandisk USB SSD and renamed the share to be the same as before.
Restarted ROON App on the NAS.
Opened ROON Remote on my iPhone.
ROON asked for restore from a previous backup.
ROON Restored successfully.
ROON remote is now functioning correctly.
Hopefully I have resolved the problem which I believe was the suspect Sandisk USB SSD drive.

Currently marking this as the solution.

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