How does Roon calculate (or look up) dynamic range?

As the title says - how does this get calculated? Roon is reporting an album as DR3, but DR14 T.meter reports it as DR13.

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Google or roon search for roon dynamic range and…


Roon and JRiver report very different dynamic range numbers for the same recording. Roon’s DR number is always less than JRiver’s reported number.

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Yeah, certainly is confusing. Using DR14 or R128, it doesn’t seem to match up to Roon’s thoughts about the dynamic range.

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JRiver and foobar report identical numbers. The accepted standard on the Hoffman site, most quoted DR values, match JRiver and foobar, not Roon. I think Roon’s method is an outlier. I calibrated my hearing to the JRiver numbers.

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Sounds interesting, how did you go about that?

I’m glad you created this thread. The discrepancy has always bothered me too! The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from…

I’m sure there’s a good reason why Roon Labs decided to do something different here.

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It’s the defacto for broadcasting and streaming adopted by the EBU as its standard, hardly an outlier. It’s the new model.Its also what all streaming audio services are based on using Target LUFS for the music to be supplied to them at.

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This has been discussed many times in the forum.

See these threads for example.

I thought you could add in 128 as a column in jriver as well as the default crest?
Unless you mean that the jriver 128 is different to the roon one.