How does Roon handle multi profiles and Qobuz streaming?

Hi there,

I know Roon only supports 1 x Qobuz account in it, but obviously it supports multiple local profiles. Just wondering what happens if I have say two profiles in Roon, and both try streaming from Qobuz at once? Will only one stream, or do they both work here? Don’t want to end up locking out my Qobuz account or anything

Hi, Steve. No answer… Did you try it? I’m wondering too

Answered many times in other threads. Within Roon you can play several Qobuz streams at the same time from one Qobuz account

Thx! I missed those I’m afraid

As did I. Thanks for drawing an answer out for me!

@Arno_Verhoeven @Steve_Arnget Yeah, it’s scattered over many threads because the topic usually starts with asking about family accounts and eventually someone asks about multiple streams from one Qobuz account.

Find one official answer here in the feature suggestion thread about family accounts: