How Long For Initial Setup?

Giving this a whirl, installed server on a hackintosh, quad core i7, SSD, set up to watch NAS (old slowish WD), put in TIDAL account info. Server has slowed to a crawl, can’t load any of the albums (get the Roon version of a gerbil wheel), can’t connect to the server from another computer. Do I need to leave it running for a day or two to get set up? Roon folder on the server is empty. It found a MS200 but I can’t send anything to it from Roon.


Roon will be scanning and analysing your files, which can make the server it’s running on a little sluggish.

It might be the slowness of that WD NAS, that crippling the system but that’s just a hunch.

There are setting in Roon that control how much of the available resourses it can utilise.

As for connecting to Roon remotely, you have to first enable remote connections in Roon’s settings. Might be worth a double check … To see all is as you wish.

When Roon is scanning et al, a small rotating circular icon is displayed, click this pops up a progress status window.

How much RAM is in your server, and how many audio tracks do you have on you NAS?


Wow, that was quick. I think it had hung, when I quit and relaunched the server app it made pretty short work of pulling everything in, about 3000 albums on the NAS (which up until now I have been using for Sonos system), and server has 16GB of memory.

And I found the setting for remote connections and all set on that.

Now I have to figure out how to get my Meridian 568 to have Aux point to the right digital input, seems like the MS200 defaults to that source, fiddling with the old config software for the 568 is always a (re)learning experience …

Great news, sounds like you back on track again now.