How long will Roon play?

I’d like to leave Roon playing indefinitely to break in some gear.

In my system (latest builds of Roon), after less than a day it stops in the middle of a song. It doesn’t seem to matter if I have Roon Radio playing or I have it set to loop on a queue, same behavior. I don’t know if the length of play is the same, but either way it stops.

Is there a setting that controls how long Roon plays?

How long? No sure, but at least a couple of days. I’ve done the same breaking in headphones.

It will play for ever. Anything else is a problem somewhere.

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that’s what i imagined to be the case, so is there any setting that could be the cause? any log i should look at?

As a curiosity, how much RAM do you have?

@rrwwss52, you?

I’d raise it under the support category.

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8gb in my nuc.

Yeah, I have, for a variety of reasons, 32Gb.

I’ve accidentally left Roon Radio playing (with my amps turned off) for a couple of days without a problem.

Not saying there’s a memory problem. Dunno.

8GB on my NUC.

Thanks, I opened a topic in the support category.

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Maybe your ISP disconnects and reconnects ones per day?

This is a good idea and may happen. However, why would this explain the behavior?

I think without the internet connection Roon would lose the streaming capacity.

Some routers, depending on model/firmware and/or ISP in use, just perform a reboot if that happens. A reboot usually affects WiFi and maybe even wired devices connected to the router.

This happens to me sometimes, also using it to break in some gear. It stops eventually, if I just press play and it finishes the album and goes to Roon radio and plays suggested songs.

So far the most fail proof method I have is to choose a shorter album of 5 to 7 songs and just keep it on repeat.

@xxx 24gb 2667 MHz DDR4

I have unexpected interruptions on a fairly regular basis. I attribute it to network issues of an unknown type.

I’ve come to live with it. I did replace two Ethernet switches with one that had more ports and had definite improvements. As soon as the new ASUS WiFi6 router ships I plan to upgrade to it and in general make sure my net, wired and wireless, is as tight as possible. Good luck narrowing your issue(s) down. My money is on the network, not the Nuc.

As an aside I run a 2018 Mac Mini/i5/32MB. The music is mirrored on a T3 attached LaCie Big2.