Roon stops playing radio or looped music after ~1 day

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Core Machine NUC w. 8GB RAM running 1.7 build 555

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Google nest wifi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

comcast --(ethernet)–> cable modem --(ethernet)–> router --(ethernet)–> nuc rock --(wifi)–> auralic mini --(usb)–> dac

Description Of Issue

I’d like to leave Roon playing indefinitely to break in some gear.

In my system (latest builds of Roon), after less than a day it stops in the middle of a song. It doesn’t seem to matter if I have Roon Radio playing or I have it set to loop on a queue, same behavior. I don’t know if the length of play is the same, but either way it stops.

No backups are scheduled, and the NUC does not reboot as far as I can tell. I think if it did, I would lose state. Instead, the behavior is that the queue stops in the middle of a song.

This happens with me too sometimes. At first I thought it was due to wifi, but the issue has persisted since I went to an ethernet connection.

My suspicion would be the wifi connection dropping out.

Try a hardwired connection as see how it performs.

Perhaps an automatic (scheduled) backup is interrupting playback? Just a thought, per the manual backup dialog-box stating that playback will be interrupted…

Screenshot from Settings: Backups: Manual Backup

There’s only one wifi step in the chain, between NUC and Aries mini. Everything else is ethernet or USB. I updated the description above.

Why would the wifi dropping between the NUC and downstream stop playback in mid-song?

Thanks for the suggestion, but there are no scheduled backups.

Because the NUC running ROCK/Roon Core would no longer be able to communicate with the Auralic Mini, and streaming would stop.

WiFi isn’t the best connection method for long term uninterrupted playback. There are many things that can lead to a (short) loss of connectivity like for example:

  • auto-selection of best channel(s)
  • encryption key renewal

Carl already wrote what happens when the connection gets interrupted.

Also the code on the integrated network (player) module in endpoints might be questionable. I have seen and also use my self several networked audio(/video) devices that seem to suffer from severe memory leaks. They run until their memory is full and then reboot. Mine reboot approximately once a day when not in use and after 4 – 6 hours when playing. In such a case it doesn’t matter if the device is connected by WiFi or wire.

I removed wifi from the signal path, and there was no change: still stops playing after ~1 day.

The path is now:

comcast --(ethernet)–> cable modem --(ethernet)–> router --(ethernet)–> nuc rock --(ethernet)–> auralic mini --(usb)–> dac

Is there anything else I can try to narrow this down?

Hello @Henry_Stirman, thanks for the information! Let’s try playing from system output of your core and see if we still get these dropouts. If we don’t see them there, I’ll enable diagnostics for your account to get in front of my team over here.

Also you mentioned breaking in new gear, what’s recently been added to your setup? Did you have this issue with your previous setup?

I don’t recall having this issue before, but I’m not sure I tested playback for extended periods of time.

Another thing I tested was playing from the library on the nuc/core. Same issue.

I enable system out on my nuc/core and started an album from the local library, will report back later when I know more.


Reporting back: playing to system out has run continuously for 2+ days, which leads me to think this has something to do with the exchange of signal between the nuc and Aries Mini …

Is there anything to investigate to confirm? And, is there any configuration I should assess on the Aries?

Hello @Henry_Stirman, I discussed this thread with the team and we had a few things for you to try:

  1. What DAC do you have connected to the Aries Mini?
  2. Is the Aries connected to the router via Ethernet?
  3. There’s a DAC built into the Aries Mini, do you have issues playing to it?
  1. MHDT Orchid, connected via USB to Aries Mini.
  2. Yes, no wifi in the signal path any longer.
  3. I can test this and will report back.

I just discovered … Aries has an “auto-reboot” feature that was enabled for daily reboots at 4AM, so perhaps this is the root cause. Testing now and will report back. :sunglasses:

I didn’t find this sooner b/c it requires an iPhone for the control software, and I’m on Android. Thanks for your patience.

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Hello @Henry_Stirman, that’s a good find! Let me know if things start working as expected.

Roon seemed to have some memory leaks after the previous release. The latest release seems to have fixed that, but broke raat or something. May the odds ever be in your favor.

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