How many ARC users can concurrently connect & play from a Roon Core Server?

Hi @support, I have a large family (6 pax) and they all have one or two devices with the ARC app. The question is how many users can connect (let’s assume lossy via 4G or 5G when travelling) concurrently to the Core & play concurrently music (either from Core or Qobuz)? The ROCK (on i7 NUC) is connected to a relatively high latency (cable) internet connection (500 Mbit/s download, 100 Mbit/s upload). Any rule of thumb indications?

Answer is, it depends… You weren’t expecting anything else surely :slightly_smiling_face:
Some considerations

Who’s using the core at home and how many streams at what resolution whilst ARC users are attaching.

Streaming local content uses more resources in the server and bandwidth.

Streaming from Qobuz is direct so shouldn’t affect the home setup.

Roon say multiple users can stream at once with no licensing limitations.

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