How many licenses do you need?

I want to start using the roon.
And the question arose of the number of licenses. I planned to install a roon core on my win PC. Next, connect the PC through ethernet cable to the nuc rock (bridge/server for outputs). And then connect the dac to the nuc rock through usb cable.
How much will I need to buy licenses for such a connection?

Hi @Illia_Palamarenko,

You you only need one license as you will only be running on Roon Core, all the other Roon installs such as Roon Remotes and Roon Bridge then communicate with the licensed Core.

Also you can, say if you had a holiday house, install Roon there against the same license but you can’t use both of them simultaneously.

Hope that helps.

And the installation of ROCK on the intek NUC will not be considered as a second roon core?

Hi missed that, however, I believe you’d just be using ROCK as a Roon Bridge (not a Core) … but let’s double check with @support.

That said NUC for just for a Roon Bridge is overkill, with a bit I’d DIY you could use a lower powered RPi device or alternatively a commercially available Roon Ready Endpoint.

After installing ROCK, can I choose how to use it? Like a core or bridge?

Maybe check these out:

and for ROCK:

I also agree, using a NUC with ROCK just for a bridge is overkill. The NUC would be dedicated to only run ROCK. Would be better, IMO, to run the core on the NUC. The machine/device running the Core needs to be always on for the server to work.

I wanted to minimize the negative impact of my powerful pc on my usb connection to DAC. Make good power supply for the NUC and remove the cooler from the NUC. Therefore, I do not need roon core installation on the NUC.
Can I install on a ROCK NUC in bridge or server mode?

Welcome!! Fellow noob…

What you plan is doable but you need to be sure that your NUC is low powered and has adequate cooling. Simply disabling or removing cooling may not be enough, even on a machine idling and using little power. You will need to be logged in and active on the Windows core. The NUC doesn’t need to be logged in. Finally ROCK will only install on a HDD. You can’t do any of the tricks like run it from a USB stick. Which NUC do you intend to use?

To be pedantic, this should be an SSD.

There’s no choice given on installation to choose a mode. You simply set up ROCK on your NUC. That will install the Core and Output components of Roon on your NUC, but you won’t be using the Core in your scenario. If you add further Control devices to your Roon network, then on first use, they will ask which Core they should connect to. Obviously, you tell them to connect to the Core on your Windows PC.


You can install rock but not login on it and it will be seen as an endpoint with any connected devices. Updates are a matter of just reinstalling from the web GUI - as there is no database etc it updates very quickly.

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wizardofoz and Geoff_Coupe
Given a complete answer to my question.

To be ultra pedantic, an SSD is a HDD but a HDD isn’t necessarily a SSD! But you are correct in that the preferred medium is SSD! :slightly_smiling_face:

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