How many Roonies are we?

Can you tell us that?
And how are we placed geographily.

+1 I’ve asked the same question, to no avail.

I think it might be proprietary info, competition and all that.

BTW - just from lurking, I notice a lot of Netherlanders, Brits and Scandinavians. And Amerikans, of course.

BTW2 - Also, judging by the names, there is a large share of Southeast Asian, but of course that only tells of extraction and not necessarily geographic location.

BTW3 - There are at least three Aussies, that I know of. You know who you are.:laughing:


And you of course are semi-dutch :rofl:

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You can get a feel where everyone is from this old thread.

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I’m semi-Dutch too! German-Ukrainian roots, born in the Netherlands, married to a Chinese wife, though primarily anglo-focused musically… Help! What does that make me?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Doesn’t that mean she was married already? :grinning:


Thanks for thread. Very interesting.

I hope people take this opportunity to update it.

It’s a koan from @koen.


OMG, this is turning into a linguistic battle! Shall we continue in Dutch, gentlemen?:wink:

You don’t know what I’m capable of😜


I’m flattered you translate my name in this Chinese context. I’ve lived in the UK for a year and when my friends yelled my name the correct Dutch way in the pub, people reacted offended. I had no clue that my name (no negative connotation whatsoever in Dutch) pronounced in English had such a negative meaning in British. But then again, we have a completely stupid but innocent song in the Netherlands, “kedeng kedeng”, which in Swahili turned out to be extremely offensive to priests and the likes!

Can you imagine what happens when they shout my name in a pub ??


:laughing: Indeed! But then again… we once had a Vice President with the surname Kok!

Off topic. We are dangerously close to being split off by the mods. They live to do that.:grin: I don’t know why a koan would have a negative meaning to anybody.

It’s a riddle with no solution. Is that you?. The contemplation and the effort involved in trying to arrive at an unsolvable solution is meant to confuse the mind to the extent necessary for enlightenment to break thru.

How could one be offended by that concept.

BTW - I have worked with many Chinese, and in that language that are two words, that in English, translate as “That one”. Unfortunately, when said together sounds like the one word that is the ultimate offense to Afro-Americans.

Got to be careful when speaking a tongue foreign to the locale.

Pronounced in Dutch, it sounds like ‘coon’.

We still have a senator named Tiny Cox. Caused a bit of consternation when he was speaking in the European Parliament.


Indeed you have to be careful. In British you would pronounce my name ‘coon’, which seems to be very stereotypical racist. Regarding the moderators: I was just about to make them a compliment they didn’t split this up yet and agree with you it’s best if we continue on-topic!:blush::+1:t2:

The moderator beat me to it…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m a new roonie, still working through my trial of the software… Liking what I see, though I may have to wait a while to purchase a license… I’m up here in Minnesota, USA.

While not entirely an accurate representation of numbers - I guess some may have roon that are not here and other have moved on but there are at this moment 11,512 users in the community … I did check about maybe 6-8 weeks ago and was at just over the 10,000 mark so its growing well as far as that might indicate.


draws line in sand

Depart from the heading one more time. I double dares ya !

But yeah. I’m one of those Orstralians.

SFAI can tell we’re slowly growing from 10k. What more does Roon have to do to grow like topsy ? None of my friends or acquaintances “got it” in the way I did.

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