How Much Data Does Roon Consume to Keep Current?

Is there a way to monitor how much data is used to keep Roon Current.

Assuming no additions to the library and no connection to Tidal or Qobuz , I know there is an amount of data transfer to update the library , I would like to monitor how much .

Assume a library of 6000 albums , 130k Tracks

Currently I have uncapped data but I am anticipating a brief period when I move house where I will have to depend on 3/4G which in South Africa is horribly expensive

The answer is probably - it depends on what metadata needs updating. However, you could simply disconnect from internet for a while. Roon will continue running until it wants to phone home. Danny has said that is some weeks

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Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

This is going to vary depending on database size and other factors. I’m going to discuss this with the team after the holiday weekend and will follow up with you soon.

Thanks it’s not urgent

Maybe another question, what happens if Roon doesn’t have an internet connection, I can foresee authentication but anything else , No Radio etc

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

As long as the Core machine is authorized when the connection is lost, you’ll have some time to use Roon offline without having to re-authenticate. Your local library can be used here, but no TIDAL or Qobuz, and you won’t be able to use anything that relies on our services like Roon Radio, Artist/Composer Play, Album Identification, etc. As a temporary option, this could work while you move.

If I stay connected does t Roon update metadata periodically?

I can turn Tidal off, no Qobuz, and. Radio etc

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

Yes, Roon updates metadata periodically. In these updates, sometimes image files are updated as well, which take up some space. When the metadata updates occur, it is hard to say how many images from your library will be updated, so if you are worried about going over a specific bandwitdth limit, I would run Roon in offline mode and perform the metadata syncs over WiFi.


How do I set up to run offline

Very likely I will only have 3G and limited amount of that for several months

If I literally have the Core PC disconnected from an internet source , just the internal home wireless network how will that work

I cant seem to find any setting for such? Is there one?

@Mike_O_Neill / @Frank_Ventura - If Roon does not have an active network connection, it runs in “offline” mode by itself. Offline mode means that you won’t get any metadata updates/streaming services and after a couple of weeks you will need to re-authenticate your login (to make sure you have a license).

You should be able to communicate with the audio devices on your local network, but the above limitations of metadata/streaming will apply.

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