How much does Roon really cost?

I would like to purchase a life membership for Roon.
But a meridian dealer tells me that this does not include everything… true or false?
If I run Roon on one computer in the house as core in the basement, have it on WLAN and one bridge in the living room, what are the costs for life membership? Is 1 license then enough?
Are all updates really included or are there certain exclusions? Is there anything in “mouseprint”?
If I buy one license are there really no yearly costs?

Thank you!


@Paul_Fisch The licence is for the Server, you can have as many zones and remotes as you want at no extra cost.


But are all updates included and how long?

One caveat to note, at present Roon only supports having the Roon Core and the Audio Endpoints on the same LAN subnet. In most homes there is only one subnet this is fine. Some members on here found ways to be able to listen to Roon away from the home, say in their office, by setting up a VLAN.

And of course at present mobile Roon use from say car or mobile phone whilst out and about is also not supported.

The Roon guys have commented that these points will be addressed in future releases, when I do not know.

[quote=“Paul_Fisch, post:3, topic:10690, full:true”]
But are all updates included and how long?
[/quote]Updates are included for the life of the product.

And pre-empting your next question, “How long is the life of the product” … nothing is 100% certain in life … but rest assured that the Roonlabs are in this for the long haul.

Compare the costs of the life subscription against the annual subscription … it’s clear to where the breakeven point is. So that’s your risk. Either way it does not break the bank esp. when contrasted against the HiFi equipment most are using with Roon.

Hope that helps.

I know that nothing in life is guaranteed. And I understand that Roonlabs need to make a profit. In contrast, Meridian is selling overpriced hardware… And they are certainly not happy about Roon. You get to hear that it has a poorer soundquality and that the “life membership” does not include everything, in contrast to Meridian where all updates are free.
But this company does not tell you that you need to replace a small flat 3V battery in the mainboard if a component such as the Ensemble does not start… Rather, they want you to throw it away. But, of course, it could be also other problems (which there were not in my case).

I don’t think this is Meridian telling you this rather your dealer. He is not correct. I would be very careful about what he tells you. I would suggest you find one you can trust.

Meridian kit is very expensive but a lot of people like it. Many here use it with Roon and some have moved from Sooloos to Roon.

It doesn’t include the hat, t-shirt and bumper sticker. Other than that, it’s “all inclusive”. Updates are not charged for separately at all. You would only need a second licence if you wanted to run two Cores simultaneously. One in your town apartment and one in your beach house for example. A Core will enable you to stream different or the same music to any number of zones (subject to grouping zones of the same type) at the one location.

I agree. You need to find a new, honest, Meridian dealer. Even if you decide to stay with Sooloos.

Where does it say no hat, t-shirt, or bumper sticker? This was never made clear. My lawyers are on this.


Don’t forget Meridian’s “overpriced” hardware had (in the case of Core products) a free “lifetime” subscription to Sooloos included.

With the right QNAP NAS they now provide their Core .pkg for free. It seems reasonable that this will only work with M’s Sooloos zones.

Which QNAPs is this or are these? Thank you!

@Paul_Fisch any of the Intel cpu based.


updates are really included, and there are no yearly costs if you buy the lifetime.

1 membership is enough for 1 “core”. That membership is $499 for the lifetime.

@Paul_Fisch, we have a trial for 14 days, and a money back 30 day period. Go ahead and give it a shot and see how it works out for you. Remember, the Roon team is the original Sooloos team, and our philosophy of software is the same. We won’t charge you for updates, and the major exclusion is noted everywhere: 1 “Core” (or as some people call it, Library) per membership.

I definitely will, but I first have to sell my sooloos system or wait until it breaks. Or I may buy it earlier to try it out in parallel.

Sell Sooloos OR Broken Sooloos OR Just Buy it … Plenty of scope there Paul :wink:

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