How much have you spent on your 2-channel system?

It’s a great time to be into home audio. I feel we’re in a golden age. We can build a totally analogue or digital system, or a mix of the two. Retail pricing is all over the map, and I can see how easy it is to spend or in some cases, overspend. Experience and knowledge is king with today’s technology and world marketplace. Of course the size of your listening space can influence buying decisions, but at the end of the day…Whatever makes you happy!

Late last autumn, just before the pandemic hit, I started building from scratch a new 2-channel system. I hadn’t done that in… well, it seems like forever. I was always trying new gear, buying and selling, enjoying the journey. So, I had new gear mixed in with the old. I’m sure most can relate.

When building the new rig, I kept only two pieces: an Apple iPad Mini to use as a remote, and a headphone amp. I also already had a modem / router, as most of us do (for streaming Tidal, etc.). I had a budget in mind, and kept track of expenses. I sought out promotions where I could, and purchased nothing used except an adaptor.

So, in today’s world, what did I spend for a new system that I’m completely happy with? $7,000 CAD for everything (I’m in Canada). Every cable, component, adaptor and audio platforms. Taxes, shipping, duties and Roon 1-year subscription included. Upcoming purchases: Grado Hemp headphones and possibly Roon lifetime subscription. An additional $1350. Optional streaming service: $20/mos.

What amount have you spent on your current 2-channel system? Include electronic gear, software, audio racks and speaker stands, but not seating. Also don’t include physical room treatments or media (records, downloads, streaming services) in the total as that could greatly skew cost. This isn’t intended to judge or anything of that nature. If anything, maybe it’ll help educate, and newcomers to the hobby can certainly benefit. I’d prefer this thread not include home theatre setups as this would greatly skew costs as well.

I’m happy to post a pic or two of the new system if anyone asks, but I have previously posted a couple pics in another post recently.

Enjoy the music!

2-Channel Audio: Duo Devialet Phantom Reactor 900 • Devialet Legs • miniDSP SHD-Studio • Mistral Audio W-3900 • Apple 2018 MacMini / Roon & Audirvana, iFi-Audio Micro iDSD, Grado Hemp

Well into the 5 digit range.

“The older the boys, the more expensive the toys”.

To start with:

  • three top class headphones to start with Sennheiser HD 800S
  • Two Quad ESL 2012 loudspeaker
  • two subwoofer until 60 Hz
  • etc. equipment to drive these.
  • separate room for listening music
    Well into 5 digit and above.

To avoid any misunderstandings:
I am very happy and pleased with Sennheiser HD 800 S, Audeze LCD 2 (second hand), Phonitor 2 amp, Teac nt-505 and ROON Nuc with Hires Qobuz and Tidal.

Based on this thread (now at ~5600 posts), it will be a range from three figures up to six, possibly seven, figures if you include custom rooms/acoustic treatments.
And it’s also probably fair to say those with six figure systems don’t get 1000X more enjoyment than those with three figure rigs. Still cool to see how far people take it.

Just totted-up. The current count is just under £90k.

Probably pocket-change, compared to some of the beautiful systems some people own on here :grinning:

And really, what does it matter how much someone has spent? Some have spent a fortune while others have spent very little and everything in between. What matters is you are listening to and enjoying music. Hopefully, no one has spent more than they and their family can afford, but I doubt that is true either.


Figures are going to be all over the place: some people live in a trailer, others on their own island, some drive a ford pinto, others a bugatti veyron, but the one thing we all have in common is a love of music.


Yeah, really! What does it matter how much it cost? Has nothing to do with the music.


Well the reality is you are constrained by the weakest link in the chain …the internal ‘cord’ connecting your eardrums with the brain. No amount of $$$ can upsample that!!!