How to add a track (song) from Tidal without it adding the album to Albums?

Kind of a dumb Roon use issue that I wasn’t able to solve by myself, not for lack of trying.

When I add a single track from an album to my favorites on the Tidal App the album pops up on my album list on Roon with only that track in it. Is there a way to make Roon keep the Tidal separation between track and album - so when I mark a single track on Tidal it will only pop up on my track list on Roon and not on the Album list?

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Short answer no. Roon is really album rather than track based.
I’ve never tried this but you could have a go at hiding the album. Not sure if that also hides the track.

Actually hiding the album is a good solution for me. Thank’s a lot!

Always ask rather than struggle. There are lots of bits to roon so everyone needs help now and then.
If you add lots of tracks you can go into Focus in roon and select Tidal albums only and that will give a list of albums to hide.

great tip. thank you

I’m away from Roon at the moment so I can’t check. You might try doing a multi select on albums and see if you can hide more than one at a time :slight_smile:. Dunno if that would work.

Please do not forget you can focus on 1-track (2-travks, 3-tracks,…) albums as well

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How does that work @anon90297517?
I’m not good at focus.

Please follow these easy steps

  1. Focus - Inspector - Track All

  2. Click on All, and Track Count with smallest and largest number of tracks in 1 album (boxset) will appear

  3. Set the minimum and maximum number of tracks that you want to check for, I…e max. 1 track

And here comes the result (in my case, 2 albums):


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Thanks @anon90297517 learn something new every time.

Thanks, that was very helpful.

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