How to add and find Radio Stations and how to add them to Roon

I found a quick and easy way to find streaming internet radio stations and to add them to Roon

  1. Go to e.g. (or Google for other internet streaming station)
  2. Find a station you like, and hover over the small .pls logo (right under the big red PLAY icon).
    Right click and copy this link (for example:
  3. Go to Roon -> Internet Radio -> Click on the blue “+ Add a Station” sign upper left corner. New windows opens. Paste the URL you just copied from no. 2 above into Roon. Name the station, and click “Add Station”. Now your Radio Station is present in Roon, just Go to Internet Stations, highlight your station, and press play.
  4. Enjoy

Thank you! I was wondering where to find stations.

You can also add stations from a TuneIn web page URL.

This thread contains links to favourite and high quality streams provided by users.

Forgive my ignorance, but can you give me the url for wqxr so i can add it to my radio stations?



Where do I find internet radio on the Roon page?

Um - here?

Please disregard. Found it.