How to add Qobuz playlists to Library

I just received my Nucleus Plus, and I’d like to add all of my Qobuz playlists to my Library. When I click the 3 dots next to a Playlist, the option to add it to the Library is grayed-out. I can add each album individually to my Library, but I have hundreds…maybe 1,000 albums, so that will be a tedious and time-consuming project. Is there no way to add a complete Playlist?

Do you want to sync your Qobuz playlists into Roon or do you want all your tracks/albums on Qobuz playlists to be added to your Roon library automatically? These are two different things.

Qobuz playlists should sync into Roon playlists automatically.

Adding Qobuz playlist tracks (that are not favorited on Qobuz) to the Roon library automatically, I don’t know. Maybe this is somewhat helpful?

If you’re trying to add new tracks or albums to your Qobuz playlists within Roon this is not possible.
However you’ll see the option in the 3 dots menu to Save A Local Copy.
This will duplicate the playlist in Roon and you can add or make changes to this copy.

Edit - I’m not sure if Saving A Local Copy adds the tracks/albums to your local library. But you could try.

Your playlists in Qobuz should automatically appear but under the Qobuz tab, not, the local playlist tab.

Press & hold to highlight the playlist and then tap the three dots to reveal the sub menu & save local copy option…

My playlists on Qobuz automatically appear in Roon > My Stuff > Playlists. Not as local playlists that can be edited but as Qobuz playlists, but they appear. (And then I can click “save a local copy” for making an editable copy in Roon)

They always did and I just confirmed that by adding a new playlist in the Qobuz app, and after the next Qobuz sync it was in Roon > My Stuff > Playlists.

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You’re right, of course, i hadn’t noticed that but i have about a 100 playlists & don’t use the Qobuz ones :+1:t4:

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And maybe it helps @John_Oster that you can go to Roon > My Stuff > Playlists and into one of the synced Qobuz playlists, then select all tracks, and then add the whole bunch to the Roon library:

You’d have to do that for each Qobuz playlist, but may be doable


Parts of my Qobuz playlists automatically imported, but I’d say maybe only 20% or so. I’d prefer automatic, but manual is fine as long as it works!

The option to select tracks doesn’t appear on my iPad app.

Maybe it just takes time? I can’t remember and I don’t have many. But earlier to test I created a new Quboz playlist and triggered a sync from Roon Settings > Services > Qobuz > Edit > Sync, and it appeared immediately in Roon > My Stuff > Playlists

You need to select one track by a long tap-and-hold. When one track is selected, the menu appears.
On a PC you can either do a long leftclick or a rightclick to start the multi-selection.

On a touch device you can then use the menu for selecting all or add tracks by tapping them.
On a PC you use the menu as well or you can add additional tracks with clicks, or use Shift + Click for range selection

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It does not. It just imports the playlist to Roon which then allows you to modify it. However, it then only lives in Roon and cannot be exported back to Qobuz.

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