How to adjust PC monitor with roon

Installed roon to pc and use it as cord and when I sign in the account roon shows “Your screen is too small to run roon. Please try to run Maximized or fullscreen”
once become full screen after click “fullscreen” I can not use pc other app! need sign out roon to use PC.
What should I do? is there any adjustment?
Thank you

How to minimum the screen to task bar?

Toggling (on/off) F11 may work.

Alt + tab into the other apps.

Thank you James. it does go back to log in screen. However, still the full screen.

Thanks, it will switch to other apps.

Hi @James_Gu,

Just wanted to follow up with you here if you’re still having this issue, Roon requires a 1440 x 900 minimum resolution to operate properly as per our documentation. You may also want to increase your PC’s resolution if it does not meet that minimum.

– Noris

Change my computer screen resolution from 1920x1080 to 1680x1050 and works fine as I want it.

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