How to break apart merged albums?

I imported some music, Roon got confused about disc and track number, perhaps because the track title started with a number so the file name was “10 23 and Waiting”. In any case I tried to merge the real disc with the spurious disc and made a fat finger mistake, merged it with another disc. At the warning, I hit “Merge anyway.”

Now, how do I split it apart again? I used to fix errors by removing the directory (directories in this case) from the Roon library so Roon forgets, and then copying back. But with the new logic for recognizing music, that doesn’t help, Roon faithfully restores the mess I created.

How do I force a “forget”?


I did manage to fix it, but it was creative and convoluted.
I think this is an unanticipated consequence of the really cool feature.
A forget button may be useful.