How to browse by year

How do you browse music by year on Roon 1.8?


A few ways, for example you can use Sort: Albums by release date on an Artist’s Discography page, or sort Recordings by performance or release date.

I most enjoy using Focus.

On the ‘My albums’ and ‘My tracks’ screens you can use Focus>Release date to filter down into years or decades:

By Decades:

Click the labelled boxes…

By Year:

Click the + or - on each side to create a range (or drag the blue bars)…

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Thank you!

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Thanks! I wish this worked for me. Unfortunately I do not get the option to focus by specific year, which really sucks!

Do you see the clickable link ‘View more’ under the ‘Release date’ category in Focus?

If not (it’s a known bug), you need to add an album from every decade from (and including the) 1950s to 2020s to your library.

Hey @SimplicityCompass thanks so much for taking the lead here. Brilliant replies!

@Matthew_Bowden1 did things get any better? Are you able to Focus by year?


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Thanks, the recent update seemed to fix the focus issue

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That’s so great to hear, @Matthew_Bowden! Thanks for keeping us updated :blush:

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