How to completely wipe artist data in case of wrong one?

Is there a way to completly wipe data roon assumed for an artist + album?
Since if wrong one could chance a lot of things but the bio remains, which tells me, even if I correct pictures, names and genres there’ll be some linkage to related artists which do remain false.
Sort of a debugview is missing which tells me what information is linked to an item and which links do exist, with the ability to wipe these in case of need.

Or is there any hidden menus I haven’t detected yet?

Not easily, and you’re probably going to run into issues with this kind of approach. Roon is not a file tag editor, so you’re going to have a bit less control in some areas than you would in other applications.

Roon’s metadata infrastructure is designed to automatically retrieve richly detailed metadata that works in ways that simply are not possible in files tags, and all of this data is updated in your library on a regular basis. This means that even if something looks “wrong” today, we may release a fix in our cloud services that fixes the problem, and in a couple of days the error will be corrected in your Roon collection as well. Generally speaking, our goal is always to avoid manual editing, retrieve great metadata automatically, and focus on the music.

I would recommend posting some examples of incorrect metadata, so we can help understand what issues you’re seeing, and hopefully help you get your music matched up properly, as opposed to trying to you just trying to wipe all the data away – nearly every screen in Roon is designed to display complete metadata, so wiping data in one place (like on a given album or artist) is probably going to lead to more frustration when other features don’t work.

If you can show us some of the problems you’re having, we should be able to help.

nice explanation but you should think this strategy to it’s end.
Example: Angry Anderson (frontman of the australian hard rock band) got an album named blood from stone.

Roon’s funny metadata identified him to be not only an individual but a garage band, Ohio based.
Should I fetch for google maps to check if there’s a second Ohio located in Down Under?

Now consider the following thing which is one of the key features the roon concept offers.
I do play some songs from a specifc genre and let the roon app continue in radio mode, assuming it’ll pick similar tracks from my collection, which granted, works far better but what I expected.
So I do listen to some ohio style garage band music, and while having a cup’o’coffee I accidently spill it all over due to the next choose track was pure classic hard rock.
Dammit. I knew this problem did exist, but roon felt to be proud to not allow me to either

  • unlink the wrong information until it got fixed
  • flag know issues so that I don’t detect the misery again and again when stumbling across it

The stragey you explained perverts what roon claims to be the primary idea. Since you degrade the user to wait until you fixed something, which is ok on one hand, but then you should allow the users to hide/deactivate links/information they identified to be wrong, until the information gets updated. Means there must be a concept where a user flags something to be questioned, with another know to check if metadata for such flagged items got changed. And in case the user detects it got corrected the item should become fully integrated again.
Far better but having to live with a mixture build from correct and incorrect information, since that’s what software aimed to handle a collection is designed for, right?

Perhaps you can point out a way on how to inform about

  • wrong assumptions
  • missing things

if we talk about multiple issue not just 1 or 10 artists.
since writing these that way is a bit uncomfortable. What’s missing is the ability to tick an artist “right/wrong” with a button … report to roon. Or is there something like that I haven’t found yet? Thanks for letting me know, then.

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