How to connect a Dragonfly Red to a Roon nucleus using Sonos

I am an idiot. Can someone guide me through how to connect a Dragonfly red to a Roon nucleus and out to Sonos? And will this improve my sound overall?

Welcome to the Roon community, @Blake_Malcolm.

You can connect the DragonFly to a USB port on the Nucleus. Either connect headphones or auxiliary input (analogue) on the Sonos.

However, Roon can stream directly to many Sonos devices, so using the DragonFly may be unnecessary.


Don’t waste your time you can’t improve anything on a Sonos it will redigitise the input using its crappy a/d converter so any gains from an purposes dac are lost. Just play to it direct via Roon over the network this is what they were designed to do.