How to Connect a Nucleus to a Lumin D2?

I have a Lumin D2 streamer and I’m about to take delivery of a Nucleus but I’m not sure how to connect them together. I had the ethernet cable from my router connected directly into the D2, but now I’m guessing that same cable will now connect to the Nucleus. Because the Nucleus only has one ethernet port, how can I run an another ethernet cable to the back of the Nucleus to the D2?

I pulled these pics from the internet:


So then I need to run a second ethernet cable from my router to the Nucleus?

Is this my only option?

Yes, you do.
And yes, it is your only option.


More or less. But the Nucleus and D2 can be in separate locations, so it may be easier to put the Nucleus next to the router–with a short cable–rather than running another cable to the same location as the D2.

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Thanks for the help James, Martin and er, Martin. :grin:


You don’t really need to run another cable or move anything. Add a 5 port unmanaged switch and a couple of short cables and you are set. Those switches are cheap and work well.

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The point is, there is no way to connect the Nucleus directly to the D2.
BOTH items have to be connected to the network via Ethernet cables.

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Would the sound quality be affected by having two devices connected to the same ethernet cable from the router?

Hopefully this will explain things better …

/--------\ ---- Ethernet cable ----- [ Nucleus ]
| Router |
\--------/ ---- Ethernet cable ----- [ Lumin D2 ]

There’s no need for additional switches unless you can’t run another cable to the desired location. The cables can be different lengths and the Nucleus and Lumin don’t need to be in the same room.


You can’t do this, connect two devices with one cable. Each device needs its own cable.

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Fortunately, my router is in the same room as my audio system so it’ll be a snap to run a second ethernet cable.

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Which brings me back to the question I asked in post #8. :thinking:

The answer is no. In fact for locally held files it might even be better.


Hi @NipperDog,

You need one Ethernet cable for your Nucleus and one for your Lumin D2.

What @Jim_F was referring to here was if your router was much further from the Nucleus/D2, you could add a network switch in between them and use one Ethernet cable going from the router (into the switch) to split it into two Ethernet cables (coming out of the switch - one to the Nucleus, one to the D2).

Since your audio gear is next to the router, you will need to run that second cable to provide one to the Nucleus and one to the D2, which will both be connected to the router. Unless your router is using all of the Ethernet ports already, there is no need for the switch.


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