How to connect an Ifi hip dac to ROCK

Hi everyone,

I’ve got my ROON set up with ROCK on my NUC8. At the moment I have it feeding a Chromecast audio on my amp. Question is can I use the IFI Hip Dac instead of the chromecast? I tried by attaching it via USB to the NUC but couldn’t find it in the devices in ROON.
I am learning slowly so all help / advice would help.

I also have a Raspberry 4 with HD soundard so if that would be of any use I would appreciate all tips.

Thanks so far for the support!


Mived to the support area.
Is it a v1 or v2?
V2 should work

SOLVED - duh, restarted NUC with HipDac attached and turned on. :wink:

It’s the Blue one V1.
It doesn’t show up in the screen. I have tried with usb, would the OTG connection be different?

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