How to connect to a NON Roon Ready streamer?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Fan less music server / Windows server 2019

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Audio graded ner work switch

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Fan less music server connected via Ethernet to Ayon NW-T Streamer

Description Of Issue
at first I would like to give some details on my Hifi system, i have an fan less music server and run Jriver 26 as music player/library. The server is connected via Ethernet connection to my Ayon NW-T audio streamer (NON roon ready), the streamer is connected via ASE connection to my DAC/ Preamp and than to my Power amp. Everything just works fine. JRiver finds the Ayon NW-T as audio output and I control everything via the JRiver Remote app.

I just installed Roon on my music server and imported my music library.

The problem I have is that when I start up Roon and go to setting - Audio, there is no Ayon NW-T to be found as audio output.

There are four output selection in the audio setting, "This devise (Windows server 2019), 2x Realtek High Definition Audio and JRiver 26.

I have select all four as audio output, but there is no sound coming out of my speakers.

Is there any way to find and connect a non Roon ready device?

Kind regards JayBee

Hi @Jens_Braun,
Welcome to the Community and Happy New Year!

In short, via Ethernet, no. A device needs to be Roon Ready to talk bidirectionally to Roon via ethernet.
An alternative for you might be the following:
Build or buy a small RPi4 based RoonBridge device. This sort of device would also connect to your network by ethernet, and could feed an output directly to your DAC. So your system would be:

  1. JRiver setup like you described -AND-
  2. Roon -> ethernet -> RoonBridge -> DAC.
    For example, the output from the RoonBridge to the DAC could be USB, but you can buy boards for the RPi Roonbridge that output other formats like SPDIF.

If you have an unused laptop (Mac or PC) around, you can install RoonBridge on that and feed USB out to your DAC. Ideally the laptop would be hooked up via ethernet, but Wifi might work fine to this endpoint.

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The device doesn’t support USB streaming… so, @Jens_Braun, the way to get Roon to work, right now, is to use SPDIF.

The reason you’re having this issue is that the Ayon supports only UPNP, so the same streaming protocol as JRiver uses. In all likelihood, this is not a protocol that Roon will support in the future. It is probably possible for your device to become Roon Ready, but that would require significant work from the manufacturer.

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Scott - not sure whether the Ayon accepts USB input other than from storage devices The specs just talk of two USB inputs (front and rear) that are, quote: USB type ‘A’ socket for USB “pen”/hard disk drive…

Although, there is apparently a download that is labelled: XMOS-Stereo-USB-Audio-Class2-Driver-301F_v3.34.0 - so perhaps this is a driver for Windows? But that wouldn’t help with connecting to the USB of a RPi4 device, I don’t think?

I’m not suggesting hooking up the Ayon. I’m suggesting using a RoonBridge directly to the DAC/Preamp.
Might not be as good a streamer as the Ayon, But if you have to put something in front of the Ayon, why even use it as a streamer?
OTOH, I might be misunderstanding the setup here…
What is the DAC/Preamp?

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Ah - sorry, my misunderstanding.

The streamer have DAC and tube output stage build in, so the streamer seems the one to stay

2 ways for you:

  1. Drop the Roon as Roon is different ecosystem vs UPnP that no compatibility at this moment
  2. Purchase a Sonora UPnP Bridge as Bridge between ROON and UPnP streamer


Thanks for the help guys.

I am using a Vitus Audio Rd-100 as DAC/preamp.

Currently I can only connect the server to the Ayon streamer via ethernet.

I think I will just keeping JRiver until a Roon ready streamer or firmware update is available from Ayon.

Kind regards JayBee

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The Ayon S-10 II is apparently certified as being Roon Ready:

There is software (that runs on Windows 10) that can do what the OP requires. The challenge would be to get this running on Server 2019 and then optimise it to get best quality to the DAC.

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