How to connect to my NAD M33?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows PC

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Unknown, supplied by Spectrum

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

NAD M33 Streaming via BluOS

Description Of Issue

Don’t know how to connect the NAD M33 to Roon so that the music will play on this device.

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At this moment, the M33 is not an approved RoonReady device.

I understand that, but I was under the impression that it would still be recognized, I guess not. Oh well, so much for the free 14 day trial…

As I have posted elsewhere, at the time of my review, the M33 was not RoonReady but Roon allowed such devices while they were in the process of becoming RoonReady. Recently (you can search for the date here), Roon withdrew that tolerance and, as a result, your M33 will not work with Roon until the certification process is complete. Older M33s that had already been recognized are grand-fathered.

BluOS (Bluesound and NAD) has its own ecosystem which has historically not integrated well with Roon. This is not Roon’s fault, but it is unfortunate. If you enjoy using BluOS, sticking with that will make your life easier.

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I wouldn’t call changing from what has been called the “state of the art,” and “revolutionary,” Class D amplification an upgrade. Perhaps down the road there might be something better, but at this point I don’t see it. It’s a shame because I wanted to try Roon, but I’m actually very happy with what I have now with the BluOs system.

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Your M33 is not Roon ready.

Thank you, hopefully it is so new that it will soon be. There is a “Roon” category in the drop down menu in the BluOS system, so who I’m guessing the plan is to have it as most of their units are listed as such.

FWIW, Roon is that much better.


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Hey @Robert_Nagy,

This is Rebeka with accounts, here, at Roon.

We were so happy to see you return to Roon after being away for a few years, that we couldn’t me more disappointed to see you having to leave again - I’m so sorry that the NAD M33 cannot be used with Roon at this time.

While we don’t have any specific timelines to share on when the NAD M33 will be Roon Ready, when that happens you’ll find the device listed here:

I’m hoping you’ll still want to try Roon then - please, just let us know and we’ll restart your free trial.

In the meantime, stay safe,

+1 I’m still waiting, and many other people probably to

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+2 This is what is keeping me from buying the M33. I am a lifetime Roon client with a large library. 2 years ago, I bought the Hegel H390 after reading the glowing reviews and the fact that ‘Roon certification was coming in the next few months’. I waited for a year and ultimately sold it because they still did not have an ETA a year later. Now I will not buy a new product on a promise of ‘soon’.

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Perhaps not an ideal solution- but couldn’t you stream Roon through an AppleTV (you could pickup a 3rd gen for around $50)- sending the digital out to the M33?

Thanks for the idea, unfortunately my system is in my smallish bedroom and I don’t have much room for a TV, so I’ll wait until the God of Roon decides too bestow it’s holiness upon my M33, the BluOS system is not bad at all, zero connectivity problems, so no worries.
Thank you again for responding!

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Well if you want to try it… you don’t need a TV to use the Apple TV, you can just use it for the streaming part (you’ll need to connect to one initially to set it up likely but you can do that in any room). The box itself is tiny

The Apple TV referenced is just a small box, about 5 by 5 by 2 inches. I use it to connect ROON to my NAD Home Theater 765. NAD outputs to my ELAN speakers. This configuration gives me the bonus of getting access to NAD sound shaping like EARS, NEO Music, etc that is otherwise not available with other connections. For example, I can choose NAD 765 as direct connect from ROON, and NAD is connected by HDMI to large screen TV, but I only get 2 channel sound out of my NAD receiver connected to my ELAN speakers.

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