How to Delete History?

Is there a way to delete History?

It looks like Roon App keeps the playback History from day 1 & there’s no way to delete them. It becomes an unwieldy large, useless list just after a few days. Do the older tracks ever get automatically deleted after a time period or when the list reached a certain size?

I’d like to see a delete option and/or a user set time period to keep the History.


See here:

Thanks, yes I’ve tried that. It’s an extremely tedious process righting click 1 track at a time. I just want to delete the entire history, the list is getting so long that it’s useless. Is it used for anything?

How can I batch delete tracks in History older than 1 day? Or, have an option to only keep X number of days in History?


FAQ: How do I select songs or albums? What can I do?

Additionally “shift` + select” is possible to mark a contiguous region and selecting a already selected item will deselect it (works like in a file explorer).

Then just select all_

You could then tap on some recent ones to unselect them

Hi @DN28,

Brian and BlackJack have some great advice here — You can use those methods to select all tracks and delete them that way. If you have any questions about this please let us know!

And just as easy, right-click on one and then CTRL-A (or its Mac equivalent) to select all.

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Not on my tablet, it isn’t. A good tip though for others.

Thanks, it works on my Mac.

I do have a strong suggestion for Roon to add the “Delete All” button to the App and also add user control how long they want to keep play History so I don’t have to keep deleting them manually.

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Out of curiosity: why do you want to get rid of the listening history? It’s not that the data needed to store this information will take much space. Personally, I find it interesting to see what I haven’t listened to for some time (or ever).

The history view might lack some nice filter options, maybe even as defaults to select from, like: show today, this week, this month, … that would probably be a better solution instead of deleting the history in its entirety.

It’s a feature that I don’t use. The list gets unwieldy long and unmanageable after a week or so, and I don’t need to know what I played last week let alone 2, 3 years ago. It’s just clutter that I need to go clear it up regularly.

As you mentioned, History needs nice filter options to make it useful, and also user defined duration (e.g. delete after a week) or opt out completely.

Well, sometimes my sons listen to childrens radio plays using my profile. This time by time leads to weird recommendations in discover and roon radio. And sometimes I just listen to music by curiosity without the wish to make it to my favourite style.
In such cases I would like to delete history by date or keywords (e.g. “Penderetzky” or “Duck tales”).

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