How to determine the Roon Server TCP port

Just came across the issue where the port used by Roon Server changed from 9100 to 9330 (in my case). I searched and found a few threads, e.g. Connection failed and Chromecast issues: Roon using new/additional network ports since 880 - #19 by Charles_Snider

I get the gist most of the response from Roon Labs has been around “extensions should use discovery to determine the port and not guess/hard-code it”.
What about things that aren’t Roon extensions? My issue is that I run Roon Server in Docker, and was using the display URL (http://roon-server:9100/display/) as a health check (returns HTTP 200 if ok, otherwise kill and re-create the container).
How can I resolve this? Is it possible to specify the port (fix it) for Roon at runtime? Or, what is the port selection logic? (please not random…) Because I am using Docker networking such that my Roon Server does not share an IP address with anything else, the port it needs will always be available.

9330 - 9332 are mentioned here
Unable to connect to Roon Server after upgrade - Support - Roon Labs Community

sudo lsof -i -P |less

this will help you verify what is needed if the top solution fails.

I believe it recently changed, and hopefully will stay for a while.

These work for me as of this post.
[ 2] 9003/udp ALLOW IN # roon
[ 3] 9330:9339/tcp ALLOW IN # roon
[ 4] 8008:8009/tcp ALLOW IN # roon
[ 5] 30000:30010/tcp ALLOW IN # roon
[ 7] 1194/udp ALLOW IN # roon

Thanks both, it was more of a question for Roon devs about having a known and/or manually-specified port, in my case so that I can configure a health check URL for my Docker container.

Suggestions as to what else to use for the health check (in lieu of the known http://ip-address:port/display/ URL) would also be welcome.

As far as I’m aware, options for the container health check are limited to TCP or HTTP calls, I don’t really consider it practical (possible even?) to write custom code to discover the Roon endpoint(s), plus I’m not sure it would work.

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