How to Download in Roon ARC

I’m having a problem downloading playlists to my Android phone there is no download symbol like the ones the showcased on their advertisment for Roon Arc.
If anyone can help out I would deeply appreciate it thanks.

Hi @Tex_Henry,

You can download a local track, album, or playlist from the browser in Roon ARC by clicking on the three dots in the upper-right corner and selecting “Download.”

For clarity, only local content (music you own, not music you pay to stream) is available for download and offline playback in Roon ARC.

TIDAL and Qobuz content is only available for offline playback in our streaming partners’ native apps (the TIDAL or Qobuz app). Our streaming partners do not allow for downloading/offline playback of their content in third-party apps due to existing licensing agreements and other legal realities.