How to filter out Tidal albums?[Answered]


When I open the Artists or Albums view under the Collection menu, I can see albums/Artists from both Tidal and from my storage. Is it possible to to view Tidal only or Local only albums/artists?


From the album browser, use Focus then select Inspector and then Storage Locations.
Once there select TIDAL Library, this will display only Tidal albums.
To invert the selection, just click on the filter.


Thank you @Carl! It was helpful.

Completely missed that one @Carl! I’ve been using focus --> format --> TIDAL :smiley:

Just wondering how do you use Focus in the iOS app? Both Tidal favourites and my own music collection show up together on my phone. Even once I’ve changed it on may Mac where I have Roon installed.

Hi Jonny,

The phone apps have limited functionality and you won’t find Focus. You need a tablet or computer.

You can use a computer to do a Focus and save as a Bookmark. The Bookmark will be available on the phone.

Cheers, Greg

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